The Max Chronicles - Chapter Two

The Mice are Conspiring

Max was teething like crazy, I kept stepping on molars and itty bitty teeth.  He was biting and chewing like nobody’s business.  I thought I could distract him from biting me and Eloise by getting him more toys. 
Max & Donkey Oti

Quick & Easy Litter Box Disguise

Kitty litter boxes are not one of my favourite things. My home is a single level bungalow with a trap door to the mechanical room in my crawlspace. My only option is to have the litter box located somewhere on the main floor.

Ever since I remodeled my mudroom and laundry room, the litter box has been tucked away behind my washer and dryer. You can't see it from the entrance to the room, but you can from every other angle. UGH. I've been searching for a cheap and easy solution for a while but only this past week did I come up with something that works beautifully!

Positively Deer Proof Plants - Part II

Time for part 2 of positively deer proof plants!  
As I mentioned in the last edition, what works in one part of the continent may not work elsewhere.  Hungry deer will eat almost anything and white tail deer have different tastes from mule deer.  
What to do???  I'm sharing what has worked in my gardens over the last 15 years.  I've dealt with both white tail and mule deer in my community and landscaped two homes.
Hopefully these selections will provide you with some plants that you can enjoy with or without a deer issue!

The Max Chronicles Chapter I - Max Appears

I've been writing a book about my cat Max ever since I first brought him home.  I'm going to be sharing a chapter a month here.  Hope you enjoy this departure from my usual posts!

Chapter One - Max Appears

I wanted a dog. I really, really wanted a mid-sized dog that was the spitting image of my dog Lucy and had her loving nature, only in a smaller size. Lucy was my most favourite pet ever. She was a husky-shepherd-golden retriever mix with the best characteristics of all three breeds. She was my best friend and constant companion. We went everywhere together, she was the light of my life and I had lost her only 10 months earlier.

Most Convenient Kitchen Upgrade Ever

I am thrilled with the results of my latest kitchen project.  When I remodeled my kitchen after moving in, I bought stock cabinets from Home Depot.  They are the bargain basement version of cabinets but they did have wood fronts which is a feature I wanted.

What they offered for the drawers was the bare basic drawer slides that only let 75% of the drawer slide out so you never can see what is in the back of the drawers easily...   I found these full extension drawer slides on the D. Lawless Hardware website and ordered enough to do  all the drawers in my kitchen.

Click on photo to go to D Lawless Site

Once I received them and had a look at the instructions, I was TOTALLY intimidated and hemmed and hawed for a few months before tackling the job.  As it turns out, replacing existing drawer slides makes this project a BREEZE.  Once I figured out the best approach, it took me 10 minutes per drawer to pull out the old slides & install the new.   Easy peasy!!   Here's how I did it.

Ikea Hack - Wardrobe to Vintage Linen Cupboard

Welcome to my quest to turn my Ikea Stranda wardrobe into a cool, vintage looking piece of furniture.

I've painted and repainted and tried all sorts of looks on this piece, but nothing really spoke to my heart until this latest makeover.

I began with this bare basic Ikea Stranda wardrobe, bought many years ago because it was solid wood and unfinished so it wasn't terribly expensive.

Open House Sundays #20 - Thistlewood Farms

Welcome to Open House Sundays where we get a personal invitation to tour through a different blogger's home each week.  This next extra special tour is the last house tour in this series.  I want to take this opportunity to thank all my blog friends for generously sharing their house tours in this series.  You can find all the tours HERE.   The Open House Sundays series will return in October!

To end this season on a high note, I have a very special blogger home to share.  This week's tour is courtesy of KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms.  KariAnne is an exceptionally talented decorator and so creative the rest of us are usually scrambling to catch up!  She lives the life many people dream of - leaving the hustle-and-bustle of city life for the idyllic slower pace of living in the country.  Her gorgeous farmhouse is a testament to creativity, use of repurposed items and a whole lotta elbow grease in creating a beautiful, gracious home.  After reading her story and seeing her home, I guarantee you'll fall in love with her.

If you've never heard of this blog, you are in for a huge treat (and you've clearly been living under a rock)!


Open House Sundays #19 - AKA Design

Welcome to Open House Sundays where we get a personal invitation to tour through a different blogger's home every week!

This week's tour is courtesy of Shannon at AKA Design.  Shannon is a fellow Canadian blogger who is a whiz at remodeling and decorating.  She has the most darling home and the decor is gorgeous!  You are going to love how she put together this fabulous look for her home without spending a fortune.

Enjoy the tour!



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