5 Ways to Add Cottage Charm to Your Home

My style has changed several times since I first moved into my current home.  Last year I discovered the style that speaks to me and works best with my 1930s bungalow.  Here are 5 ways I've used to add cottage charm to my home.

1.   Painted furniture

Vintage furniture in the kitchen creates a charming, cottage vibe

What's Inspiring Me This Week

I spent all day Saturday tearing down my beautiful 100 year old tongue & groove fir ceiling in the front entry.  Why?  Because it was leaking all winter and there was no other way to access the attic of my tiny front entry.

I'm sorry to see that pretty ceiling go, but it was all moldy on the attic side of the wood so good thing it's gone...  Since I won't have the finished entry to show you for a while, here are things that have been inspiring me this week!

ADORE this space, isn't it stunning???  sigh... want this in my bedroom!!

I love, love, love this designer.  Check out more examples of her work HERE

Speaking  of bedrooms, I am so going to repaint mine.  Here's the photo that inspired that idea.

Life with Max Pt 5 - Max Finds His Zen

Chapter Five – Max Finds His Zen

On New Year’s Eve Max became gender neutral. It happened without fanfare.  It happened without drama.  It happened without slowing him down for one.single.solitary.moment. He was fighting the anesthesia from the moment I picked him up from the vet and I had to pick him up at noon because the clinic was closing early that day. He utterly and completely refused to sleep it off and that stance went on for the rest of the afternoon and evening until he finally, mercifully collapsed out of sheer exhaustion.

Simple Jewelry Organizer

You know how much I love shutters, right? This past weekend I accidentally came up with a great idea for a shutter repurpose - this shutter makes a really cute jewelry organizer!

This idea happened in a similar way to how Hillary Swank's character in "PS I Love You" found her calling...  I dropped my earring and it fell perfectly placed on a shutter I had decoratively placed on my dresser.    Did you see that movie btw??  I loved it! especially the sister - so funny! oh and the friend who was looking for the right guy, too!  um, ok back to the shutter story.  

This is a yard sale shutter I found many years ago.  I love it to death.  I actually found 8 of these and I've dragged them with me through 6 moves.  Sometimes being a packrat pays off.

A Tourist in My Own Town

At the end of May, a fellow blogger will be sharing posts written by bloggers across Canada who are acting as tourists in their own towns.  You'll get a tour through Canada - from sleepy towns to hot spots with  insider scoops on where to go and what to do!  For my American readers, this is a great year to travel to Canada with the exchange rate so hugely in your favour.  I'll be sharing links to the series on my Facebook page, so be sure to pop in there to catch up on all the cool places you can visit - click HERE to like my Facebook page.   Meanwhile, I'm sharing my tour with you today.

Welcome to Kimberley, British Columbia!  

I've moved many times in my life, from one end of Canada to the other and back.  These days I live in one of the most majestic areas of Canada. Kimberley is located in the southeastern corner of British Columbia, near the Alberta and Montana borders.  It is in a valley between the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the Purcell Mountain Range.  We have views like this to enjoy:

Life with Max Pt 4 - Spitting Back


Max was fascinated by Eloise.  She could not get away from him, he was always staring at her or climbing all over her or chasing her around the house. They wrestled frequently. Eloise would growl and howl at Max to no avail.  If she got the better of him, Max would make the oddest little sounds. Sounds that reminded me of monkeys chattering.  The sounds would go on for a very short time and then he would lunge at her and the wrestling would start again.  Max was now one pound heavier than Eloise.  I knew if he continued his bullying behaviour, he would be hurting her as he grew bigger and bigger.   He was still biting a lot.  He didn't use his claws much but his teeth were always in action.

Cottage Style Laundry Makeover

My laundry room got another makeover!

I have been steadily changing my house decor over to a mix of cottage-farmhouse.  This past weekend I added shutter doors to my open laundry cupboard and also to hide my stacked washer and dryer from view.  Here's the full tour!

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