A Simpler Christmas Decor

I really do love decorating for Christmas although I admit that most bloggers out there put me to shame! I do not have their sense of style!!!   I have come to prefer a much lighter touch for my Christmas decorating - in fact, I've gone from 8 Rubbermaid bins full of ornaments, garlands and lights to 3 (of course my last house was more than twice the size of this one...).

 Plus I have a major stumbling block in someone who lives in my home.

Yes, you regular readers know who I mean. This little bugger:

Creating a Wider Doorway

My kitchen has no outside walls. That means it has no windows directly to the outdoors. UGH.

I love light, I love sunshine streaming through windows and lighting up my house. This was not the case in my kitchen. Last year I renovated the space and added a pass through window in one of the walls.  Now the sun can reach the kitchen - hooray!!  But it is still not a terribly well-lit space.

Cue my desire to open the wall between the living and dining rooms - the dining room is the brightest room in the house.  That, however, will be a big job because the wall is a supporting wall (at least I'm treating it that way, even if the building inspector didn't think it was).  I decided to tackle the opening from the living room into the kitchen instead since I know for sure that wall isn't supporting.

Chandelier Makeover & a New Dining Room Table

A few weeks ago I found an oval dining table on Craig's List.  It is EXACTLY what I have been searching for!  I was so excited.  The table was only $50 so I was prepared for it to need refinishing.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it was in reasonably good condition!

It wouldn't fit in my car, though, so I was looking at it with an eye to taking the whole thing apart when the man selling it offered to deliver it to my house.  A very generous offer considering we didn't live in the same town!  Several days later, the table was delivered AND set up by the man and his wife.  How sweet is that?!  Here is a look at the table when I first got it home:

DIY 2-Position iPad Stand (Ikea Hack)

I use my iPad ALL.THE.TIME. I use it as a mini-tv in my bedroom, as a reader, when I travel, when I don't want to sit in my home office or lug my laptop around (especially since the battery life is almost nil now!), and when I'm cooking because I use online recipes a whole lot.

I've been using a 360 degree iPad cover for the past few years but it is literally falling apart and won't prop up anymore. I took the cover off my iPad because it was frustrating me so much, but what to do??? I need something inexpensive to prop up the iPad so I can view it easily. I tried using a plate holder but it didn't work all that well.

Christmas Pinspiration

Oh my goodness I am in the Christmas spirit this year! Already!  I have been pinning away lately, looking for new ideas for Christmas decor to help me transition from my old gold-red-green days to my new cottage coastal colour scheme.  Here are a few of the beauties I found:

Beautiful candle display from Sortra.com

Lighting Options and a Giveaway! (Sponsored Post)

I love lighting!  Now that I'm about to start ripping walls down and expanding spaces (God help me!) I'm looking at picking up new chandeliers and ceiling lights for my dining room and home office and I've been exploring the different online shopping sites.  I do like the affordable light fixtures from ParrotUncle.

I love this traditional look:
or maybe with the white shades...

Life With Max - Chapter 7 Max the Apprentice

Max's energy levels never seemed to wind down much. He was bright-eyed and bushy tailed and interested in EVERYTHING.  He spent a lot of time following me around.  If I made the slightest sound while in another room, he pounced.  He was quick to wake up and jump in with all four feet whenever anything might be going on.  This was cute for a short time but I am a DIY blogger and without DIY'ing, my blog would cease to exist.  Max was preventing me from getting any work done at all!!

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