Top 6 Power Tools for the Do It Yourself'er

I thought I would share the top 6 tools that I have used the most, that have been the most helpful and that I am oh-so-thankful I bought!

I just want to say right off the bat, that you will want to research the tools before you buy.  Some tool companies make wonderful tools that are designed to last and some use plastic parts inside the tools which tend to break easily.  Good quality tools that are well made are a joy to work with.  The cheaper tools are decidedly NOT fun to work with.  Check out as many reviews from "real people" as you can.  The people who actually use the tools will tell you what using them was really like, reviews on tool websites and Amazon sites, etc. can be bought.  I'm sure there are legit ones out there as well, but I personally would rather hear from someone I know. Just sayin'

Quick Fixes for Sticky Doors, Wobbly Chairs and Doors that Won't Stay Open

Sticky wood doors and drawers, doors that won't stay all the way open, chairs that wobble - so annoying! And not so difficult to fix either.  Here's how you do it.


I bought a beautiful Italian made ladder-back chair for a song because one leg was a tiny bit shorter than the rest.  I used a glue gun and put a bead across the base of the shorter leg.  Hot glue begins to set up almost immediately and can be chipped back off if necessary, so it's an easy fix.  Just level the glue off with your finger (when it cools a bit!) and flip the chair.  Check if it is still wobbly and push lightly down on the seat closest to the offending leg to finish the job. The glue will be malleable but not sticky. When the glue hardens, the chair wobble is fixed!

My New Puppy - Early Training & Meeting the Cats

Have you discovered my biggest 2016 project?  Two weeks ago today, this little darling came home with me.

So she went from looking like this two weeks ago:

4 Tips for Organizing Your Front Entry

With my small house I'm always looking to incorporate more storage and to organize things better.  My tiny front entry has no closet and neither does my mudroom.  Here are some of the ways I organized those spaces and maximized the storage potential. 

1. Closet Organizer

Did you know that a closet organizer can double or triple the storage space of a closet?  Finding the right configuration is the key to success.  The best closet organizers are easy to assemble and switch around as your needs or the seasons change.   You can double your hanging space and incorporate shelves or drawers for things that can’t be hung up.  The organizer shown below is a Martha Stewart organizer.

2016 Wish List

Well 2015 was a great year even though I wasn't able to do some of the things I had planned to.

2016 began with a new addition to my family.  Meet Izzy (Isabelle) everyone!


She is approximately 3 months old and had a rocky start to her life.  She was found with her littermates discarded at the side of a road in a cardboard box.  Two of the pups had already expired in the cold and the rest had bad worms and the worst lice the vets had ever seen.  She is a bit underweight still and small for 3 months.  She's only 10 pounds!  From the look of some of the pups, there is husky or Finnish lapphund in the mix and the rest look like border collies.  Izzy is a little darling!

Bear with me as I go through her first few months living here.  I won't have much time for DIY projects...

That being said, I do have three big projects planned for this year.  I am definitely ripping a wider opening in the wall between the living and dining rooms - remember this was on last year's list but I had to fix the front entry instead when the ceiling began leaking.

Easy French Graphic Tray Makeover

Another day,another tray makeover...

Every Christmas I get another cheapo rough wood tray filled with nuts and dried fruit as a gift basket.  And every year I make over that tray to look pretty.

I use a super simple way to transfer the image onto my piece.  Very simple but a bit time consuming...  Here's how I do it using just the image, a pencil and markers.

The last two trays I did turned out like this:

(click on these 2 photos for more details)

2015 In Review - My Favourite Projects

As usual, this year whipped by!  I do have a lot to show for it - could be why the year went so fast!!  Here are a few of my faves from 2015:

Click on the following images for more details.

The free chandelier I found at the dump:

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