Painting the Garden Aqua

This is my last garden related post of this summer... sigh, where did it all go?!  This year has flown by so fast I can hardly remember it.  But I have a lot to show for it as well.

I was feeling frustrated over the lack of progress on my bathroom reno plumbing so I turned all my energy into painting (what else is new?).  This time, I went outside to paint my garden benches.

I love the white, it just brightens the whole thing up.  I also dry brushed the aqua paint over the metal parts and then went back with the white on the flowers.  I think it turned out really well!

I painted flowers onto the storm window I have hanging on my deck.

Here is Maggie supervising the work, as usual.  She loves to be involved!

I  had a couple of old doors kicking around that I decided to use as a privacy screen for now:

The one door had no glass in it, so I cut a piece of lattice down and painted the whole thing.  A little homemade "Herbs" sign gives it a country look.

While working with some old windows, I wound up shattering a pane of glass sending huge shards into my knee and lower leg.  Luckily I was not seriously injured but 12 stitches on my knee and lower leg has prevented me from doing any diy'ing for two weeks...  and now I'm off on vacation for another two weeks.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll catch you later!!


Ramsign Giveaway Winner!

I have a winner! And the winning number is #48 - the very last comment made!

Becky at Cupcakes and Rubyslippers you have won!!  Congratulations!  Please email me so I can get you connected with my contact at Ramsign.

Thanks to everyone who participated - wish you all could have won!


Ikea Chair Makeover

I have an older Ikea armchair - the pre-cursor to the Poang chair I believe.  It's super comfortable and small enough to have in my little living room except that I don't like the look...  So a little makeover was in order.
Ikea chair in the far corner looking very dated...

I primed and painted the legs in bone white and waxed over the paint with Minwax dark paste wax.  I love the painted look.  I opted for a patterned fabric to add a little more interest.  I really wanted the same fabric as the tea towel cushion I made (see photo below) but couldn't find anything to match. 

The pattern and colours would have been perfect!  Instead, I decided to buy another cotton shower curtain like the one in my bathroom:

The pattern is a bit large, but I think it will work!

OK so there it is and nobody look too closely cause I am a terrible sewer!!!  I don't have a sewing machine so I do everything by hand... I folded the shower curtain in half and sewed up the bottom and one side.  After stuffing the original cushion into the new "pillowcase", I made some strategic cuts to allow for the original cushion cover to slip over the back of the chair and then I tucked the edge of the new cover up underneath it.  I'm never going to be as good a sewer as Linda, her cushions are to die for!!! but at least my cats think I'm amazing :)


My Yard Sale Tallboy

Here is the home-made solid wood tall-boy tower that I bought at a yard sale for $35:

I love it!  and it was just what I needed - something tall instead of wide.  It was painted in an eggshell finish which I personally dislike.  I prefer a semi-gloss or a pearl finish (or a chalk paint finish if I'm looking for something a little more unique).  It sat for weeks and I couldn't decide what to do so I painted it my old stand-by bone white.

The colour didn't have enough oomph for me though and I began to notice a trend of wallpaper being applied to furniture.   I opted to modpodge some scrapbook paper on the drawers.

Here is the paper just hanging by the knobs - so I could check it out and see if I actually liked the look:

It's actually the same pattern on two slightly different background colours.  One pattern is shiny and the other flat, so I alternated them on the drawers.

then I modpodged the paper onto the drawer fronts.

a small portion of my many costume jewelry pieces.  I keep extra tart tins for stashing all the stuff I can't be bothered to put back in my jewelry box... 

Problem is, now I've come up with a really cool idea for this cabinet and I need the paper off the piece - anybody out there have an easy technique for removing modpodged paper from wood???  It seems to be welded on there. HELP!!!  Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Have an awesome week!

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I adore Ramsign signs, have you seen them yet?? They are enameled and painted and gorgeous!

Ramsign has authorized me to offer a giveaway of a house number sign (not an address or a name sign, just the number) and the giveaway is open to anyone worldwide!

You can choose from a number of different styles and colours and typefaces - up to 5 digits of any size or style.  Ramsign will make up the sign to your specs - how fabulous is that?!

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1.  Be a follower of my blog - leave me a comment saying how you follow
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This giveaway closes Friday, August 24, 2012 at 6 pm MDT.  I'll announce the winner that night.

Good luck everyone!

Vintage Door Headboard (another easy peasy project)

These old door headboards have been popping up all over the internet and blogosphere for quite a while.  I've been wanting one so badly that I was thrilled when a 5 panel fir door from the early 1900s showed up at a yard sale for $5.  YES!!!!!

Here's the old door I found:

It's exactly the right width for a king sized bed.  All I needed to do was add legs!  I still can't get at my mitre saw, it's buried by plumbing supplies and beadboard panelling - sigh!  I wanted to impress everyone (and myself!) with some gorgeous trim details...  but I'm too impatient and didn't want to wait until next summer to work on my headboard so I used my circular saw to cut a piece of 1x4 and my nail gun to attach it to the long side of the door (hinge side).

I measured from the floor to where I wanted the top of my headboard to be and cut my 2x4s to that length.  Then all I had to do was use screws to attach the 2x4s to the back of the door.  That still looked a little unfinished, so I added some baseboard trim to the sides with a half inch reveal to cover up the joint.

I spraypainted black just around the panels and then painted two coats of white in a pearl finish.  A little sanding to allow the black to show through and I was ready to install my new headboard.

after 1st coat of white.  You can see the black (somewhat) around the edges of the panel.

I used nuts & bolts (the kind for attaching stair boards to metal pre-fab risers) to attach the headboard to my metal bed frame.  I used four of them total to hold the headboard in place -  a nut with a 2 1/2" shaft, two washers and a bolt for each fastener.  You could also attach the headboard to the wall either with screws or using a French cleat, click HERE for the how-to.

The finished product:

and because the pillows obscure the view of the distressing, here's a closeup
And then I decided it needed more colour so I gave it an antique finish:

Another project down!  several hundred to go lol!

To see the entire Master Bedroom Makeover Madness post, click HERE


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Why buy new when you can paint instead?!

I think I should change my blog's name to It's All About Paint...  That seems to be all I ever do anymore.  For example:



well you get the picture... (for details check out my project gallery HERE)

So this week I found an oops paint tester pot at Home Depot (my home away from home).  It looked like a nice greige colour so I snapped it up, came home and promptly began painting stuff.

I painted my clock (ever since I had seen Becca Berger's turquoise clock, I've been ready to paint mine)

Before - I liked it but wanted a change.
 Oh and this is where the before shots end... bad, bad blogger!!!

I painted bookends

I painted mason jars and candle holders and then I broke out the Wythe Blue tester that I have and added a few more bottles to the mix

and then I had the brilliant notion to add this brooch that I never wear to the milk bottle I had just painted Wythe Blue.

and then I painted this table top from a maple coffee table I picked up at the dump for free (holy this thing is HEAVY). , I want to use the table top for a work counter in my office, so now it's sitting here waiting for me to come up with legs for it.

just a quick shot to show the paint treatment.
Oh and not to forget the cute baby Deitz lantern I got for a buck at a garage sale.  There's no flint left, so I can't light it... good candidate for paint!!!

isn't it cute??

Thank God I have so much paint on hand to play with because my reno budget is now nonexistant.  My shed/studio needs a new roof.  I had planned to do the work myself but after Googling removal of asphalt shingles and discovering the tipping fees and weight of the stuff, I opted instead to hire someone.  I was pleased to discover that the quote for removal/replacement of asphalt shingles was exactly the same amount as removal of the shingles and replacement with metal sheets, so I'm getting a lovely brown metal roof instead.  I'm so happy!!! and I don't have to do it myself.  So I'll take the hit to my budget and be thrilled that I'm getting exactly what I want without any more effort from me than signing a cheque.  This one was definitely worth the outlay!!!

Have a happy day!!

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