Dream Kitchen

I haven't posted anything in a long time but when I came across this stunning kitchen today on Pinterest, I just had to share it.  If I could turn my kitchen into this, I would be in heaven.  Enjoy!

Quick Update

I had just enough paint left over from the guest bedroom to update the upper walls in the master bedroom. Covering even that light shade of beige took 3 coats to get a consistent coverage.  So between getting that job done so quickly and the fact that I never did share a good photograph of the new dining room opening, here are the latest  before and afters!


Bedroom Revamps

I have grown tired of the decor in my bedrooms so it's time to change it up!  At least slightly...

The guest room desperately needed a paint job.  Also,  I've been purging stuff all year long so many items have left the premises and now I have nail holes all over the walls as I no longer want the gallery look in this space.

I have decided to paint all the rooms in the house the same colour - so Behr Almond Cream it is.  It took 3 coats to cover the old colour of Lenox Tan.  Then I painted all the trim in the same colour as the walls.

Opening Up Rooms

I've been working away at creating a much wider doorway between my living and dining rooms.  It's been an odyssey - but then every construction project I take on seems to go that way!!  

It turns out that I was quite right about the wall being load-bearing so I'm happy I overcompensated with the size of the lintel above the new doorway.  The amount of light and the better airflow means that there is some energy savings from this project as well as aesthetics.   The rooms both feel more spacious, I don't need to turn on more than one light at night and the heating/cooling systems work more efficiently with the air being able to circulate more easily.  Win-win-win!

This is how the doorway looked when I began this project

Dining Room Doorway Quick Update

The saga of my "quick and easy" project continues... I figured I could knock off this wider opening into my dining room without too much effort but I was sadly mistaken. This project has become a MONSTER!

It began so simply.  Knock a few studs out, frame the new opening, add supports in the crawlspace, trim out the new opening and add a floor transition piece.  Yeah, that grew when I was completely unable to remove the original baseboards unless I removed the (crappy) laminate flooring in the living and dining rooms.  I had planned to do that eventually but wasn't quite ready to do it now.

Letting Light Flow Through

I've been talking about doing this almost since the day I moved into this house but the time has now arrived!  It's finally time to allow a lot more light to flow through!!

If you've been following for any length of time, you'll know that at the beginning of each blog year I would post about what I wanted to accomplish that year.  This project was brought up several times but never worked on.  Maybe this photo will tweak some memories?

Opening up a Kitchen

Welcome to my tiny kitchen!  My dark and tiny kitchen...

I'm considering yet another renovation in here because I just can seem to get happy with the way it is (or has been).

I really want to open up the space and allow more light and air to circulate.  My living room is also pretty dark with its lonely, tiny window.

Hmmm.  What to do??