House Tour - My Last Home

I thought I would include a post showing what my last home looked like.  I helped to build it and I decorated it.  It was a very happy place :)


Creating an Open Closet in a Tiny Porch

Here is what I started with:
Cute but tiny front porch with no closet...

Next stage was this:
                                         Lots of storage but too "in your face"!!

I chose my inspiration from a website I stumbled on - so beautiful, neat & tidy with shelves AND hanging space.  Lots of room for all the things I want near the front door - hats, mitts, boots, shoes, coats, umbrellas, a flashlight or two, keys, etc.


I love this look.  It has everything I'm looking for.  Looked fairly simple to build as well and I'm pretty handy with tools these days.  So I listed my wardrobe on Kijiji and tried to sell it.  As luck would have it, the very day that someone wanted to buy it from me I had an idea: why not just take the doors off the wardrobe???  duh!  It makes such a huge difference to the feeling of the space.

I had been looking for the clean, light look of white shelves to make the space feel more open and brighter,  but this is largely what I wanted and a lot less work to boot! Now I can use the doors for something else - maybe if I attached them all together with hinges, they'd look good as a screen. Hmmmm.  On to the next project!!!

Gorgeous Kitchens

Some days I just drool over pictures of beautiful kitchens.  Today is one of those days and these are some of those kitchens.  Lately I've been gravitating toward white kitchens,  Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do.