Creating an Open Closet in a Tiny Porch

Here is what I started with:
Cute but tiny front porch with no closet...

Next stage was this:
                                         Lots of storage but too "in your face"!!

I chose my inspiration from a website I stumbled on - so beautiful, neat & tidy with shelves AND hanging space.  Lots of room for all the things I want near the front door - hats, mitts, boots, shoes, coats, umbrellas, a flashlight or two, keys, etc.


I love this look.  It has everything I'm looking for.  Looked fairly simple to build as well and I'm pretty handy with tools these days.  So I listed my wardrobe on Kijiji and tried to sell it.  As luck would have it, the very day that someone wanted to buy it from me I had an idea: why not just take the doors off the wardrobe???  duh!  It makes such a huge difference to the feeling of the space.

I had been looking for the clean, light look of white shelves to make the space feel more open and brighter,  but this is largely what I wanted and a lot less work to boot! Now I can use the doors for something else - maybe if I attached them all together with hinges, they'd look good as a screen. Hmmmm.  On to the next project!!!

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