Living Room Perk Up

When I moved into this house, I thought the best design option would be to keep the room to a limited colour palate due to the small size of the space.  Over the last few months I've been so uninspired by my living room and the neutral tones I had chosen, I had to do something to brighten things up.  The last thing I want is to feel depressed in a room where I spend so much of my time!!

I loved the bright greens in the Ikea Summer Catalogue, but since Ikea is a 9 hour round trip for me, I decided to shuffle some things around in my house instead.  I dug up some of my crocuses to bring indoors and bought a pot of orange freesia for $8.  I had some light blue cushions stashed away (they are a little worn).  I bought a blue egg-shaped dish from Winners for $3 and from Superstore I picked up a blue glass candle holder & candle and a round basket for $20 total.  I already had the Undecorate book - LOVE! and I bought a 3'x3' canvas for $36 to use with the paint set that I had bought for $8.   So total tally for this new look is $75 plus taxes.

Here goes the room tour:

Before - so sad...

and now...

A little colour makes a world of difference!

Much happier feeling.  I love my new painting and the little blue touches here and there.  I would love to get rid of the carpet, but my poor dog can't get her footing without it!
I'm very happy with the result and even happier that it cost so little and I could re-use some things from around the house.

Happy Easter!

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