Create Your Own Artwork

Last December I found these cute art sets at our local dollar store.  They were $8 apiece and came with a pad of paper, paint for each type of paper and brushes.  I bought three of them - the two you see here and what has become my favourite, Acrylics.

I've always wanted to paint pictures but it was expensive to buy a full set of paints & brushes & the right paper, etc. so when I saw these little sets it was a godsend.  Here was my chance to try this out without spending a fortune and potentially finding out that I had no talent or ability!  

My chalk drawing
My first painting
My first painting was easy.  I had watched Sharon Grech paint something similar during a Cityline episode and I had already done it in chalk, so knew I could manage that one.   And I liked the result, too.  I decided I wanted to try something different for my next painting.

I googled images of abstract art thinking it would be the easiest to achieve without having any real training or knowledge of drawing.  Then I splashed paint around on quite a few pages before I found out that abstract art was NOT EASY.  I came up with the cube idea to cover up one of the messes I had made...  :O but it worked out and gave me confidence to do another painting in the same style.

This was becoming easier.  With my confidence high, I bought a couple of blank canvasses (also found at our dollar store) and decided it would be fairly simple to pull off.  If I hated the result, I could paint over the canvas with latex paint and start all over.

I found some photos of paintings that I really liked and off I went again.  I love cobalt blue and I wanted something in rich colours.  This is what I came up with:  (I feel like one of the Impressionists lol)

Now I was feeling really proud of myself.  Next painting did not go quite as well.  It didn't appeal to me as much and there wasn't much colour to it.  It was just dark shadows on a yellow background.  I hung it up anyway and kept staring at it over the next few days til I got an inspiration of how to add enough colour to make it more to my liking.  This was the final result:

I opted to make the sky into a brilliant sunset using lots of oranges and some really bright yellow.  I really like the end result although it looks much better in person than in this photo...

Painting was so much easier than I thought it would be.  I bought one brush that was a larger size than the ones in the kits.  In some cases, the brush strokes alone created exactly what I wanted to see & I didn't put much of an effort into it at all.  If I can do this, anyone can do this.  It's just a matter of choosing the colours you like and splashing them around.  Or do like I did and pick out some paintings that are fairly simple and copy them.  Your stuff won't look exactly like the paintings you chose anyway and I'll bet you'll like the results.

I had so much fun doing these paintings that I am now well & truly hooked on continuing - though I have no idea where I'm going to put anything else I do!  I think art is anything that makes you feel good when you look at it.  It doesn't matter whether anyone else likes it or not, the only thing that matters is that YOU love it.  



  1. Creating your own piece of art in any medium is so rewarding. I enjoyed your art display. I do hand embroidered home decor, mostly pillows, and each one is has a special place in my heart. When I sell one, it's hard for me to say goodby.

  2. I so agree that expressing one's own creativity is very rewarding. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Great article Anne! So proud of you!!! Great job...I agree is what makes you feel good!


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