Garage Sale Saturday!

Today I picked up a door mirror for $1.50.

and did this with it.
It's not an expensive mirror, just a cheap one in a plastic frame.  I've been toying with the idea of mirrored backsplashes in my kitchen to create the illusion of more space and to help reflect light.  For a buck & a half, I figured I'd go for it.

B e f o r e

With my cider coloured maple cabinets, dark countertops and stainless & black appliances, I didn't want the white detail of the existing frame but I did want a finished edge.  Last fall, I had bought Contact Paper (shelf paper) in a stainless-steel look, but I never used it.

Instead of painting the frame or removing it, I decided to try covering it with the shelf paper (self-adhesive).

Not too bad!
So I went ahead and hung it over the counter.  Since I still need to have some electrical outlets installed in the section of the kitchen where I plan to hang the mirror, I didn't want to make this a permanent backsplash.  Enter 3-Ms magic picture hangers!  
I love these things. I use them whenever I'm not sure if I'll like whatever I'm hanging up.

Taaaa Dahhhh!
A f t e r
Yay - it worked & looks pretty good!  I've left room for the outlets to be installed horizontally below the frame and room above for some under-cabinet lights.  Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't do the same thing to the mirror over the stove.   Hmmm, but it is just temporary until the range hood can be wired and installed and it is a much more expensive mirror...  decisions, decisions.

More garage sale finds from today later on the blog.  

For now, have a great day!

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