Watercolours and Acrylics

Yup, more artwork - I think I'm possessed!!!  :D  I do think I'm improving with every attempt.

I wanted to try and paint a landscape in watercolours.  I worked from a photograph
for this painting.  

I'm particularly proud of this one.  I painted an image from a photograph.  I didn't think I could pull
it off, but I did and I LOVE the result.

This one has several layers of paint cause my initial idea failed
miserably. The final result turned out well though, if at
first you don't succeed...

This is another version of the first poppy painting I did.
I liked the painting so much I wanted to try a more
abstract version as well.

When I first decided to try my hand at creating my own paintings I had no idea how addicting it would become.  It's also wonderful to be able to take an image that I love and make it my own through paint.  I can choose what images I like or make it up as I go.  I decide what colours to use and what size I want. The painting can be as precise or as abstract as I like, all that matters is that I like the final product.

It's fabulous that society is now embracing all forms of art - no matter how wild or tame it is.  We have evolved to the point where the beauty of the piece is recognized rather than thinking only one way is the right way to paint or sculpt or photograph or whatever.  No matter how simplistic or complicated it is or whether anyone else agrees with you that it is beautiful or not, if you love it - that's all that matters.

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