Temporary Cover for the Electrical Panel

My little old house has an electrical panel at the front door.  It also has a wooden box on the adjacent wall hiding some ugly old electrical circuit. Not only that, but the drywall on the wall underneath the panel was cut away when the previous owner upgraded the panel.  I didn't realize until I moved in, but the drywall had just been propped back in place with a couple of screws.  Since the electrical is being worked on again thanks to my renos, I've taken that piece of drywall out.  So my challenge is to find a solution that covers both those ugly boxes and the missing drywall...

I use the front door of my house constantly.  I hate the look of the panel and the missing drywall that greets me each time I come through the door.  I hate it so much that during the winter months I bought a H Depot Martha Stewart cube storage just to hide the missing drywall and I cut a piece of maple veneer to hide the box.  I didn't really like the way the veneer looked though.  Here is a shot of my cube storage (don't you love the galvanized buckets??  $1 apiece at the dollar store!!

I took the doors off this wardrobe to make the room seem more spacious:

So I was much happier with all the doors off the wardrobe, but what to do with all the doors??  Hmmmm maybe as a cover for the electrical panel???  Good idea!  So I hinged a couple of the doors & put them behind my cube storage.

I changed the knob to a cute little brass coffee pot and hung the Welcome sign on it.  I had to balance the doors on some bricks because they were a little too short to reach the top of the panel but I like it!  Easy access to the panel & wall below the panel and no ugly view from the front door.

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  1. Great idea for the doors. Your entryway looks warm and inviting and very functional. Lesa


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