A Little Piece of Paradise

Here is a series of photos showing the scenery of this beautiful area where I live.  My town is situated in a valley between two mountain ranges - to the east is the Rocky Mountains and to the west are the Purcells.   Enjoy!

I love how these pretty flowers grow
in little bouquets all over the
local hills.
The flowers are Balsamroot.
A wider view of the little bouquets.  That's the
Purcell Mountain range in the distance.
This reminds me of the Sound of Music...
Dancing in the wildflowers :)
then a swim in the creek
hurry up already!
More wildflowers

A babbling brook

a closer view...

can't get enough of how fresh this looks :)

Old growth trees

leaves just emerging from a very long winter

My favourite place, only a few paces away from the large creek yet a hush fell over as I entered this shady glen.  
And because I didn't show you our Rocky Mountain view,
here is a photo from some time ago.

Hope you enjoyed my little piece of paradise.  Have a happy week!


  1. Beautiful pictures....Looks so peaceful.

  2. Wow! You live in a beautiful place. I'm a mountain girl at heart, so these images really speak to me. ;)

    Sorry it has taken so long to visit. But the good news is, I just joined you as a follower and am featuring you tonight. Stop by to see.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  3. Anne!

    I love it! I am totally pinning it to my board! And your photography (especially that one with the yellow flower)!


    But the question is?
    Were you wearing lipstick? lol!


  4. Wow, paradise indeed :) What a gorgeous place to live, it's just breathtaking! I'm a Toronto girl but I've always wanted to visit BC, I've been dreaming of taking the train across the country :) Really hope I can someday!

  5. Just beautiful! Your Rocky Mountain shot is just amazing with the sun shining down on the peaks. Enjoy your view!


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