Meet My Buddies

This week I'm feeling particularly appreciative of my life and the pets that are such a huge part of my life, so I'm resurrecting this post from 2011.

Lucy is a husky/retriever/shepherd cross who won my heart 12 years ago.  She is my best bud, constant companion and has the best traits of all three breeds.  I found her as a 6 week old puppy at the SPCA.  Actually I found her brother first but I was set on having a female so the girls at the SPCA found his littermate for me.  It was the best decision I ever made.


She loves water, snow, sun, rain, people, animals, running, swimming, scuba diving (or her version of it),  food and life in general.

Next in line is Maggie:

Maggie was an abused animal when I got her and it took her a long, long time to trust again.  She is a purebred Maine Coon Cat and now weighs 18 lbs.  She tends to look at the rest of us like we are all nuts and she is the only one who understands what life is all about.  She LOVES food and hanging out.  She is extremely vocal about everything - especially the things she isn't impressed with - and when she purrs, it sounds like a squeaky freight train...  What she doesn't love is:

Eloise (her own kitten)

Eloise is a hunter extraodinaire.  There is nothing she can't catch &/or kill (and eat - ewwwww).  She is a very cuddly, sweet and loving little cat.  She especially loves Lucy although I suspect the feeling is not mutual.

But Lucy is a very sweet and loving animal in her own right and even though she becomes a little annoyed at times, she tolerates the adoration of this little cat.

I love them all to pieces, they are my companions and my buddies.  They enrich my life and I am so blessed to have had the chance to love them all.


Update:  I lost my sweet Lou in January 2013 and then Maggie went to join her in October.  Miss them both more than I can say.    


  1. Oh what sweet sweet babies! Gorgeous photos! You will cherish these forever. Nicely done, human! :)


  2. I love that you rescued a beautiful pet and taught it that all humans aren't so bad. Beautiful pets you have there and that last picture of your dog and cat is priceless. So sweet. Visiting over from Funky Junk.

  3. What a beautiful dog and so tolerant. I am glad that cat was rescued by a loving family. I think animal abuse is sooo sad.

  4. awww, sweet, wonderful pictures! Maggie not linking her own kitten? I find that odd. :)

    I have two kittos and a grand-dog of my own.
    have a great week,

  5. What a fun and touching post Anne! I especially love the picture of the two BFFs: Eloise and Lucy.

  6. What cuties!

    Thanks so much for the welcome back! I've missed you and everyone and hope to see you at Potpourri Friday!

  7. Oh, I just love them all! Lucy is so lovely ... her color and her eyes. And that look in Maggie's eye says it all!



  8. that picture of them together...they are truly soul mates!!....they certainly look like they would truly enrich your life...they are beautiful!!!

  9. I am in LOVE with this post. I am feeling particularly nostalgic when it comes to pets these days. My brother had to put his dog down the night before I left for Haven and one of ours is not feeling great and we can't figure out why. It's so sad to watch them age, but they are truly the joys of life, aren't they?!?! You are so lucky to have such great companions. :)

  10. Aww, I just adore you and your pets are just precious. I know all about that sweet, sweet love that they give. My two dogs are the world to me...speaking of them, they got summer hair cuts today:)

  11. You furry friends sound well-loved. Lucky them for landing in the right home. (My Sam, a tabby of questionable parentage, died of lymphoma a couple of years ago.)
    Thanks for visiting earlier!

  12. Pets fill your every day with joy! Your sweet pups and the weird cats are so cuddly ... and photogenic, too! And the part about Eloise suffocating Lucy with endless love made me burst into laughing :))

  13. Anne,
    You are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful animals.They are all so sweet!

  14. So precious Anne. I don't have any animals inside but many outside. :)
    have a great weekend,
    Hugs Rosemary...xo

  15. What a nice post about your pets, Anne. They're so adorable. I haven't visited for awhile and it looks like you've been busy. Off to see what you've been working on. Blessings, Nancy.

  16. I enjoyed reading about your pets. They're beautiful!

  17. Lovely cute faces! You're a lucky woman to have such wonderful company!

  18. adorable are they! That sweet picture of the two of you together in the snow. It makes my heart smile!



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