Mudroom/ Laundry Room Makeover Part 1

I've been going through my house for the last 8 months, ever since I first moved in, adding storage spaces and eliminating cupboards installed in odd or inconvenient places and other things that made no sense to me.

My mudroom doubles as a laundry room.  It's a long, narrow porch with doorways to the kitchen and the backyard that connects to a bathroom through a 4'x7' space that once was a storage room.

Both the bathroom and the storage room used to have doorways directly opening into my kitchen.  During my kitchen reno, I had both doorways closed off and now the bathroom door faces the storage room.  It has reduced the storage space, but I prefer this layout to having a bathroom directly off the kitchen.

Here is a before shot of the bathroom and storage space doorways:

Narrow doorway to the pantry/storage area

closed door leads to really old, ugly bathroom...
(to see the reno'd kitchen, click here:
Kitchen Reno Almost Done! )

This is how the mudroom looked last fall:

Since that time, I had the window replaced with a double pane slider.  I also bought, assembled and installed a base cabinet and a laminate top to give me storage and to give me a place to install a laundry tub (a future consideration!).  My first step was to get rid of the pantry cabinet and a laminated cupboard (you can see it in one of the kitchen photos - it's hanging on the wall through the door to the storage room) both of which were in rough shape.  I saved the doors to use as shelves in  the basement and then I painted the walls and the ceiling.  The walls are Benjamin Moore Sundial.  I painted the ceiling pale blue, a few shades lighter than BM Mont Saint Anne (the paint was all left over from projects in my last house).  

I found a ClosetMaid closet organizer on sale for $59 but it was designed for a minimum width of 5'.  It had all the components I wanted, though, a tower and several rods so I bought it anyway.  It needed to be modified for the 49.5" width of the cubby where I wanted to install the organizer.  I had just bought my first set of power tools and cutting the rods down to the size I needed gave me a chance to use my brand new cordless Makita reciprocating saw!!  (Now I know why guys like tools so much.)

The tower gives me a ton of space to store the things I had stored in my spare room closet - my sewing box and various ironing supplies, some sports equipment and some frequently used tools.  I will install an ironing board holder when I get the washer and dryer moved.  Then everything will be handy. I added a shelf to run across the top of the tower and over the top rod (another left-over from my last house).

The base cabinet will eventually house my
HUGE Ikea laundry tub and the washer and dryer
will be stacked at the side of it.  I hung an Ikea
hat rack above it so I'll be able to hang hand washables up to
drip dry over the sink.

I was a bit intimidated to use the reciprocating saw for the first time, but I got over that pretty quickly!  I'm so happy that I could do this myself and that I love the way it looks.

Paper recycling fits neatly on  the bottom.

Crafting supplies are in the coloured boxes.  My sewing kit and tools are now easy to get at and I have a little footstool as well, to help me reach the upper shelves.

Total budget to date:  $248 plus taxes - $59 for closet organizer,$29 for hat rack, $150 for sink cabinet, $10 for window treatment, laminate countertop $0 (leftover piece from kitchen reno).

This was the very first time I have ever built/assembled anything or used power tools and I have to say that once I got into the swing of things, it really wasn't as difficult to do as I had thought it would be!

I'm so thrilled with the way this worked out.  I love it when I walk into a space and feel good right away and this new mudroom makes me smile.

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  1. It looks awesome! You did an amazing job and it looks so fresh & organized! Magazine Perfect! Angie xo

  2. Your mudroom looks great, neat and organized. Great job!

  3. Great Job ! I wish I had a mudroom !


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