When the paint dries...

It happened again! So much trouble with a seemingly simple image - ahhhh!  I found this photograph of a beautiful garden of poppies and had the idea to blur the image with the Picasa toolbox.  I thought this would be an excellent way to create an abstract of the picture.  I began with great enthusiasm, but the colours I thought would work turned out to be HORRIBLY WRONG.  I so hated the look of it at the end that I tried mixing nicer colours and applying them over the top of what I had painted.   OK, that didn't work, the whole thing began to look like a nightmarish mess.

Time for a new approach.  Bring on my favourite colours and smear them all over the top.  It made me smile to do it (I kept thinking about Farrah and the body painted wall! lol).  It took me several tries but I managed to achieve an image that I loved.  Behold my latest masterpiece:

It's a bit shiny cause the paint is still wet in places.  I love the intensity of the colours. There is so much paint on this canvas.  Maybe someday I'll get most of my paintings to look right during my first attempt...

Update  May 21/11:  When the paint dried, the colours faded right away and I was left with a mere shadow of the beauty I thought I had achieved.  (An artist friend had suggested I use linseed oil with my acrylics but either I'm doing it wrong or it just doesn't work with the paint I'm using...)  So I began adding more vibrant colours over the top of what was there - so sad to have lost the look that I really loved :(.  Another painting with multiple layers of paint!!  However, I also love the new version:


And since the new image makes me think of a map of the Mediterranean (the blue being Italy), I've called this painting Mediterranean Mood.


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