The Pansy

You'd think a simple picture would be really easy to paint.  Just duplicate the lines and fill in the colour and there ya go!  but OH NO, there's always a twist to it.

I started with a very simple photo of a beautiful pansy:
Gorgeous, don't you think?  It was taken by a photographer named Michael Mancil. 

Anyhow, This looked really simple to me.  A lot of yellow, some dashes, some shading and I would have a beautiful painting.  NOT!  I can't believe how much I struggled with this painting.

I began with the plan to have just the main flower on a white background.  I didn't like it.  The white background didn't do the yellow justice, so I added turquoise.  It still looked weird, so I added the back of the flower and the stem with some leaves.  That looked better but my main pansy still looked wrong:

The top of the flower didn't look right to me.  I tried shading, painting it out, painting it back in, adding contours, taking contours out.  Nothing worked.  Finally, I hung it up and walked away.  When I came back to it, I decided to add some more shading:

OK, now we're getting somewhere!  The top of the flower still looks weird - lose it!!  Here is the final version with the top petal painted out and mega turquoise paint added:

Now I'm happy.

(Still a little too one-dimensional but I'll figure that one out as I go along.)

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