Kitchen Project - Rustic Shelf

I worked all morning on this project - measuring and cutting a rough sawn piece of solid maple, then sanding it and painting it Canyon Black with Rustoleum Painter's Touch satin spraypaint.  I didn't use a primer and I painted it lightly so as to still see the woodgrain through the paint. When the paint was dry to the touch, I used a sanding block to rub the paint off the corners and edges.  I also painted some corbels I had in the shed, leftovers from a project where I decided to go another direction.  The corbels had been stained a cedar colour so I coated them really well with paint and then sanded the corners and edges.  I was so excited to finally see the finished product:

My Garden

The weather has been horrible here this spring.  It's the 17th of June and we have not yet had a day of temperatures even near the average temperatures for this time of year!  I have been trying to clean up and decorate and garden outdoors, but have been chased back in by heavy downpours frequently.  Finally I have made some progress although my painting projects have had to be delayed...

Here are the photographs of what I have put together so far.

My crabapple tree in full bloom

The potting bench with a fresh coat of paint and
with the storm window I scooped for free! also
painted to match.  (ignore the plaques behind the window, 
they are to be hung on the wall above the basket)

One of my new lawn chairs ($9!) and my new
stainless baby bbq

the rest of my new lawn chairs with my old table &

Nice tilted birdbath (I'll level that off next!), the pallet fence (idea
scooped from another blogger) and the shed doors that I tried to
paint but couldn't get more than one coat on thx to rainy weather.  The
pallet & door crosspieces will be painted white. Weedy gravel still on the
to-do list!

My newest garden patch put in an area that was a pain to mow.  Can you see the 
shape of a dog's head in the orange rock?  (Ignore the blue box, it's the only way to 
keep my cat from jumping through the hole in the fence lattice.)

A tiny deck, the door leads to my bedroom.

This garden is a year old

I still have some work to do, but the bulk of the hard work is done.  Sooooo happy :).  I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Have a great day!

Update on Kitchen Reno

Last summer, almost as soon as I moved in, my kitchen reno began.  To keep my budget manageable, I had planned to install half the cabinets immediately and finish the cabinetry in a year.  I bought my cabinets from Home Depot - just their in-stock stuff with special order doors in a colour that suited me better.  Lo and behold, one year later H.D. has discontinued this line...  thanks a lot!

Actually, I mean that!!  I've had to come up with an alternate plan and I am much happier with my new plan than the original.  But more on this later.  Here are the photos of the way the kitchen looks now:

Actually the French door is
only propped in place!  It is on
my list of planned changes.

Sunflower Hill

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking pictures of the gorgeous yellow flowers that bloom here in the spring.  The locals call them sunflowers but they are actually Balsam Root.  So Sunflower Hill should really be Balsam Root Hill but that doesn't sound near as attractive as Sunflower Hill...  Guess I understand the reasoning behind the switch!

The scenery was so beautiful and the photographs turned out so well that I did a blog post on them.  I also posted some on Facebook which prompted a friend to suggest I do a painting of one of the photographs.  My nemesis is daisy shaped flowers, I cannot figure out how to paint them.  I make a mess no matter which way I try them so I wasn't too keen to attempt another painting of this type of flower.  Then again, I did love the original photograph:

Balsam Root

So I tried again.  This one's for you, Joanne.

9x9 Watercolour on Paper

I didn't like the way the flowers and leaves turned out so I cut the bottom third of the painting off and I added in more daisy shapes to fill in the spaces.  I also added the white petals yesterday because the yellow blended in too well with the green background.
Much better this way!

Of course, I could cut all the flowers out of the picture & wind up with a very pretty and simple landscape:

Yup, that looks really good to me!  Now where did I put those scissors...