Sunflower Hill

A couple of weeks ago, I was taking pictures of the gorgeous yellow flowers that bloom here in the spring.  The locals call them sunflowers but they are actually Balsam Root.  So Sunflower Hill should really be Balsam Root Hill but that doesn't sound near as attractive as Sunflower Hill...  Guess I understand the reasoning behind the switch!

The scenery was so beautiful and the photographs turned out so well that I did a blog post on them.  I also posted some on Facebook which prompted a friend to suggest I do a painting of one of the photographs.  My nemesis is daisy shaped flowers, I cannot figure out how to paint them.  I make a mess no matter which way I try them so I wasn't too keen to attempt another painting of this type of flower.  Then again, I did love the original photograph:

Balsam Root

So I tried again.  This one's for you, Joanne.

9x9 Watercolour on Paper

I didn't like the way the flowers and leaves turned out so I cut the bottom third of the painting off and I added in more daisy shapes to fill in the spaces.  I also added the white petals yesterday because the yellow blended in too well with the green background.
Much better this way!

Of course, I could cut all the flowers out of the picture & wind up with a very pretty and simple landscape:

Yup, that looks really good to me!  Now where did I put those scissors...

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