Update on Kitchen Reno

Last summer, almost as soon as I moved in, my kitchen reno began.  To keep my budget manageable, I had planned to install half the cabinets immediately and finish the cabinetry in a year.  I bought my cabinets from Home Depot - just their in-stock stuff with special order doors in a colour that suited me better.  Lo and behold, one year later H.D. has discontinued this line...  thanks a lot!

Actually, I mean that!!  I've had to come up with an alternate plan and I am much happier with my new plan than the original.  But more on this later.  Here are the photos of the way the kitchen looks now:

Actually the French door is
only propped in place!  It is on
my list of planned changes.

This is an older photo, but nothing has changed in this section.

 My immediate plans include shelves over the sideboard.  I want something that looks like this:

From Goodbye City Life
and a pot rack over my sink, picked up at a garage sale two weeks ago:

And, of course, the French door installed.  The sideboard will eventually be moved out of this room.  To finish off the room, I'm going with open base cabinets that will be installed where sideboard is now with a butcher block counter top and a section of it open for a breakfast bar.  Thanks Home Depot for forcing me to come up with an idea that is WAY LESS expensive, more creative and, I think, more appealing overall.


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