Garage Sale Saturday! This week's finds...

Oh boy  I love garage sales!!

See my new old door??  No clue what I'm going to
do with it yet.  For now it will decorate my patio.  Oh and it was

$2 and only used a handful of times! See the original
price tag?  $62.99!! 

A bit bigger shot for full effect!  The rusty brass thingy found at the dump
is a firepit, I think! It's a bit shallow for wood, I'm thinking charcoal briquets might be nice :)
(the foil bubble wrap on the windows is a necessary evil,
planning to replace it one day with working shutters)

A shot of the potting shed sign I whipped up in 5 minutes.
The lantern on the table is a find from a few weeks ago ($1).
Not garage sale finds, but I also picked up some more stones (free) for
my patio

It's beginning to look the way I envisioned it!!
Actual vintage doorknob set (not
a reproduction) 50 cents!!
and my other door from a garage sale long ago that I bought for $1.  This is
the inside of my shed/studio/workshop that I am cleaning up.
Still looking for solutions to cover up all the insulation, maybe
a wall of old drawers instead of the shelving units??
Also this ginormous tray for $3 - 18x31 &
I have no idea what to use it for.
Any bright ideas anyone??

Hope your weekends were equally fruitful!

Have a great week

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Country Road

I painted this last night.  The weather turned cold here again so I stayed indoors and worked on my basement workbench project.  When I came upstairs to check my dashboard for new posts, I was inspired to paint this picture.

I love autumn the best of all the seasons, the colours are so beautiful, the days are sunny and crisp and I love wearing sweaters...  call me crazy but the dog days of summer get me down.

So here is a tribute to autumn.

Hope you like it!

11x14 acrylic on canvas

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At Sunset

I know when I've got it right because I fall in love with what I just created...

I'm so happy with this painting now.  I can picture myself in a boat, watching the sun sink into the end of the earth.  It's a far cry from the way I left this work of art.  At that time I had been trying to paint my own version of a painting I fell in love with.  When I came back to it, I decided to stop trying to imitate the inspiration piece I had found and create my own vision, feeling my way through rather than seeing it.

Loved the sky but the water was wrong.

I loved this version, too, but the colours in the water didn't seem quite right and I wound up
painting over it to come up with the blue water version above.
So I hung it on a wall and lived with it for a month or so.

As with all my inspirations, they take over me all of a sudden.  I was home for lunch and felt compelled to get out my paints and have at it.  I didn't let myself think, I just let the paint flow from my brush...  With the sky painted over with pale yellow and blue and more pale yellow added to the waves and the hills, the painting grew a life of its own.

I'm much happier now.

Isn't it amazing how dark and moody this painting became when I painted the sky a darker colour.  I even added highlights to the hills and more highlights to the water, but it looks completely different.

So cool.

Have a great day!

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Country Style Sewing Basket Makeover

I have a sewing box that is the perfect size and shape.  It's well organized and has lots of little holders for needles & pins & buttons & all the other stuff you need for sewing.  It's also got a nice sized base for holding bits of leftover material. I've had it for years and years...

The downside???  It's a relic from the late 80s and looks it:

mmmm gotta love that forest green and purple thing we thought was so cool so many moons ago!

I had a square of yellow and orange patterned fabric and a tiny amount of BM Dijon latex paint.  I thought the material and the paint colour would go together well.  I really, really wanted turquoise but just didn't have enough of the material I really wanted to use - BOO!

 I decided to try and paint over the wicker with regular pearl latex paint.  If the paint doesn't last, I can always use spray paint and do the project over again with a different fabric.

Two coats of paint and miraculously, JUST enough fabric to do the job gave me this look:

I just folded the edges of the fabric and used my glue gun to glue the edges in place.  I added the brick-a-brack trim to dress it up a bit more.

Now my sewing basket looks happy again!

and it goes well with my country style pincushion too! If you want to know how to get this look in less than 2 minutes, click on the photo.


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Summertime, patios and weeds...

I have an area in my yard that I dearly want to make into an attractive grass-free patio.  I want to use natural materials and grow lots of thyme that will spill over all the gravel and sand that covers the area.  Unfortunately, the weeds are overrunning this area and with our new anti-herbicide/pesticide bylaw, I can't spray to get rid of them  (any of you gardeners out there have any tips on what will kill weeds that doesn't hurt the environment???).

It's been a very slow process, especially since the weather has turned very hot and humid and I now move like a snail when I go outside.  Other than that, I'm happy with the way the space is coming together.  I've set up a place to sit with a pretty wood bistro set I got from Winners a few years ago.  It's been painted a couple of times because the original paint finish didn't stand up to the weather, but I love it.  And I've dotted some rusty old pieces around it to doll up the area.

The flagstone patio I'm slowly installing (as I find flat stones).  It's working out brilliantly and it's FREE!! 

My little bistro set

No clue what this is, my boyfriend found it at the dump and scooped it for me :)

My garage sale find lantern

I love growing hens & chicks in little pots

See my weedy gravel???  (not the stuff close to the patio set, that's my newly
planted thyme!!
Also need to find something more attractive to edge my latest garden.

At least the plants are growing well.  Must be the influence of the weeds!!  Here's a view of my freshly painted shed/studio doors & the pallet fence:

More weeds... 

No doubt it will take me the rest of the summer to finish this project, but I'm liking the way it's beginning to look.  Besides, the true joy in life is in the journey - right?

Fresh paint job for the potting bench & the old storm window I found

Another shot of the patio stones

And the free door I scooped at the dump :)  Yay for me!!

More of my favourite plants:

Cranesbill Geranium "Max Frei"  - My all time favourite cranesbill.

Sedum Black Beauty

Rosa Radrazz blooms all summer
aka the Knockout Rose

Sedum Acre

Happy gardening!!

Where Bloggers Create 2011

This post was originally created for the
Where Bloggers Create 2011 Link Party

Two years ago I began to change my life up.  I decided it was high time I began trying things that I had been afraid or intimidated to do because I wasn't an "expert" at it.  I don't know where I picked up that attitude to begin with, but I was ready to be rid of it!!   So I made a pact with myself to do at least one thing per month that I had never done before.  I began learning all sorts of things and little by little, I began to feel really alive again.

So last year I bought a house all my own and began fixing it up.

Ikea Bekvam Kitchen Cart Makeover

I bought two of these little carts last summer when I began my kitchen renovation.  They were a godsend!  Put together, they gave me a decent enough amount of counter space to get through the renovation & they were inexpensive & solid wood.  ps I had another little table that I put the microwave on during the reno but the photo below is the only photo I have to show you...
Sorry for the grainy photo - this was taken
long before I ever even thought of blogging!

Heirloom Plants are New Again!

This past weekend, flowers began blooming all over my garden.  Our long, rainy and cool spring set us back about a month in growth time, but my one year old garden is very lush and green thanks to all the rain.  Here are some of my favourite plants.

Lamium, Corydalis and a Ninebark shrub

Parika Yarrow, chives and peonies

Pansies, Virginia Creeper and Bleeding Heart

How cool is the insect damage to
the one pansy?? 
Violets and chives

Siberian Iris, wooly thyme and dragon's blood sedum

Hosta and white & pink lamium

Peonies, Alium Christophii and purple sage

As you can see, most of my favourites are old-fashioned varieties.  They remind me of the gardens I spent time in as a child.  In fact, some of these plants are clippings from plants in my Mom's garden.  I live on the opposite side of the country from my mom and she mailed the cuttings to me wrapped in wet paper towels and put in ziploc bags!  They came through beautifully.

These old fashioned varieties are easy to find, usually inexpensive and fragrant.  They can take a beating too!  Pick up a few for your garden and relive those childhood memories of Grandma's garden.

Have a wonderful day!