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Two years ago I began to change my life up.  I decided it was high time I began trying things that I had been afraid or intimidated to do because I wasn't an "expert" at it.  I don't know where I picked up that attitude to begin with, but I was ready to be rid of it!!   So I made a pact with myself to do at least one thing per month that I had never done before.  I began learning all sorts of things and little by little, I began to feel really alive again.

So last year I bought a house all my own and began fixing it up.

Part of my new attitude led me to buy art kits and splash paint around on paper because I had always wanted to but ...  ya, you know what I mean.

I LOVED painting.  I painted lots of pictures, all different styles and that felt great, too.  Then I started up a Twitter account and discovered the world of blogging and all you wonderful ladies who are so willing to share what you do, how you do it and answer questions about it.  I am so in awe of most of you - particularly the carpenters among you!  WOW.  You're all so talented.  You inspired me to pick up tools and start DIYing:

You also inspired me to start my own blog which I began working on in February this year.

My whole house is my studio - I blog and surf the net in my home office, I paint pictures at my desk too (and in the living room, dining room, kitchen and even with my canvasses spread out on the floor).  I haven't got an easel so I use every surface imaginable.

I study books on decor, art, design, gardening and do-it-yourself in my living room.  I pack magazines &  design books everywhere I go.  I paint furniture in my laundry room (or in whichever room the piece is located) and I do all sorts of projects in my yard.  I've begun building stuff & using my 5 piece Makita tool set.  Now I've begun fixing up my shed so I can do projects in there too - and in my tiny little basement workshop that I'm still fixing up.

My home office is pretty plain, I haven't spent much time decorating it but the space gets lots of light and it's bright and airy, so I love hanging out in there.  Here are the photos:

My desk, some of my paintings are on the wall
I have so many paintings now, they're stacked up all over the place!!

My reading spot, in theory anyway, usually there's a cat sitting in this chair.



Storage for all sorts of stuff!
My paints & brushes are in the straw bag, magazines that I can't part with and
paintings stacked at the side complete this corner (lovely styling don't cha think?? lol)

More of my paintings

I love this Christmas ornament so much that I keep it out all year.
The wire basket is full of inspirational pictures and more of
my paintings (can you say OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE??)

Yep - more paintings
The shed I'm turning into a workshop.  I'm not ready to show the inside yet
it's a work in progress (read "it's a big mess inside")

And my ray of sunshine, constant companion and the best little dog I have ever owned:

My Lucy

So that's it, folks.  My blogging career in a nutshell.  Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. You are a very talented artist. I got motivated just reading your post. Keep up the good work.

  2. I love that your whole house is your creative space. Your paintings are beautiful!

    Good luck with your workshop project!

  3. Your paintings are so pretty! :) I love that you plan on turning your shed into a workshop, and that your whole house is your studio :D Creative living! Thanks for sharing :)


  4. I LOVE everything about this post! Your home is wonderful! Love what you've done to make it so sweet and comfortable and inviting. I enjoyed your story too. And of course your pets make it even more special.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. A whole house to create art in? Wow .... I hope you'll show off your shed next year!

  6. How cool to have a whole house as your studio. Well, good job! You need an etsy shop to sell your paintings. Maybe? Keep trying new things. That's what keeps the alzheimers away. Happy creating, and blogging.

  7. Dear Anne...I think your post may be one of my favorites! It is so wonderful to read your story of how you stepped out and tryed something new and a bit intimidating and found your passion. That is what I am all about and I celebrate with you and am really impressed by your courage to step out of your comfort zone. So glad you did as you have a gift to share and an obvious talent that needed to get out! Good for you! Can't wait to see that shed! I hope you will stop by my studio and take a peek and say hello. bertie

  8. You are a very talented artist. Looking forward to your next adventure in art.

  9. Anne I am so happy for you!! I loved your story and I am so glad you shared it with us! I am thrilled that you found Blogland as it has been nothing but a joy for me ever since I joined! Having the freedom to be creative and try new things is the most wonderful in the world!! You go girl!!

  10. Congratulations I would say you have made the right decisions. It is clear you have a love for art and I know your excited about your new workspace. Great Shed. Kathy

  11. Well girly...you look like you are a full-on-artist to me! Fabulous!

    Thank you for sharing your space with us. I'm so glad you stepped out and made the changes! Wonderful!


  12. I loved this post, Anne! I'm in a similar phase of my life, wanting to embrace things that I love and exploring what I've wanted to know or have in my life. Thanks for sharing!!
    I also wanted to tell you that I LOVE your paintings!! How fantastic that you're turning your shed into a studio because you deserve the perfect space to create!

  13. Good for you for trying new things! Your paintings are so colourful and beautiful.

  14. Just a great post. Made me smile. Brave, can-do, curious, positive attitude...all the attributes I really admire. Keep painting!


  15. I love your artwork most especially your attitude - thank you for sharing!

  16. Oh, I love Lucy! Your studio and art work is beautiful! I think it's so cool that you are making a new studio in your shed! I will look forward to seeing it! Twyla

  17. I admire that you stepped out of your comfort zone, Anne, and changed your life by doing all these things. Your home is lovely and I'm sure the studio will be ever evolving!

  18. What a beautiful home - thank you for the tour! And good luck with creating your workshed.

  19. Love all of the fur babies...wonderful artwork and your creative space!

  20. Oh how wonderful to be able to do what you love anywhere in your house! You did a wonderful job in pulling that house together to make it your own. And you're such a talented artist! Great artwork.
    Thank you for sharing your story and sharing your space, I love it.

  21. You're an inspiration! Love your art, you can send me the one with the barn and sunflowers! Can't wait to see the space your creating! Thanks for stopping by refreshrestyle!
    Debbie (new follower)

  22. You make my heart sing I love your story so! Your painting is fabby and then some. I for one am very glad that you started to paint. I love your work to bits! Just love your spot and now I am about to go figure out how to follow you! *smiles* Norma

  23. Your beautiful post and your successes in the past two years make you my poster child for a similar journey I undertook just 3 months ago. You're living proof that one of my favorite quotes is true:

    "If you say yes to yourself, if you let your imagination fly, if you open one stuck, fear-warped door, other doors you never even noticed fly open, pushed by a spirit strong as a hurricane." - Beverly Donofrio

    Hugs to you, Anne.

  24. I love your work. I am going to follow your blog. Well done for coming out of your comfort zone, that can be so scary to do. Hugs Sara

  25. Thank you so much for your encouragement and your compliments! I am having the time of my life these days. My newfound "talent" as an artist is a testament to being true to yourself and following your heart - when I was a child, my art teacher told me I had no talent! Her words and my belief in her as an "authority figure" caused me to take a very different path. But then again, maybe that path was exactly what I needed to unlock the artist within...


  26. Oh, aren't you a LUCKY chickie to be be getting a whole new workshop.... :-) YOWZA...

    Thanks for the tour of your spaces... your paintings are so pretty.

    Warm blessings,

  27. I love the fact that your whole house is your studio. your photos are wonderful and I really enjoyed looking at everything. You are an amazing artist!

  28. Lovely paintings and such a nice area to create.

    maybe you'll have the new area done by next year:)

  29. Wow, I love your paintings. So beautiful. your whole house is your studio. Your plants and pets are paintings unto themselves. Love it all. I love your flagstone patio and wish I had the energy to try to put one in. TFS

  30. Wow! Lucky you! A whole house to create in! I love your paintings. They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home!

  31. Your courage is inspiring. One new thing a month. . I really like that idea! Lovely home~ ~and you did it yourself. Congrats.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  32. I adore the pact you made with yourself! Everyone should do this. I am very happy for you. You have accomplished so much and your life has been better for it, hasn't it? ;) Thank you for linking up to Roomspiration: Craft Rooms. Your house is darling! Great to meet you.

  33. Love your space...and your attitude! Rock ON!


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