Country Style Sewing Basket Makeover

I have a sewing box that is the perfect size and shape.  It's well organized and has lots of little holders for needles & pins & buttons & all the other stuff you need for sewing.  It's also got a nice sized base for holding bits of leftover material. I've had it for years and years...

The downside???  It's a relic from the late 80s and looks it:

mmmm gotta love that forest green and purple thing we thought was so cool so many moons ago!

I had a square of yellow and orange patterned fabric and a tiny amount of BM Dijon latex paint.  I thought the material and the paint colour would go together well.  I really, really wanted turquoise but just didn't have enough of the material I really wanted to use - BOO!

 I decided to try and paint over the wicker with regular pearl latex paint.  If the paint doesn't last, I can always use spray paint and do the project over again with a different fabric.

Two coats of paint and miraculously, JUST enough fabric to do the job gave me this look:

I just folded the edges of the fabric and used my glue gun to glue the edges in place.  I added the brick-a-brack trim to dress it up a bit more.

Now my sewing basket looks happy again!

and it goes well with my country style pincushion too! If you want to know how to get this look in less than 2 minutes, click on the photo.


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