It's Decided!!

I've lived in my house for a little over a year now and been toying with the idea of painting all the original wood work in the living room and dining room.   I spent some time on Pinterest and found so many inspiring rooms with creamy white trim and the same'ish wall colour as mine that I can no longer resist!!

Here are the before photos:

Window and trim to be painted.

Leaving the door as is, painting the trim...

Wood paneling to be painted in BM Stone House to match the rest of the walls.  PS, the picture tube on my old tv is failing so I'm getting a new tv as well this week - 21st century, here I come :)
Dining room trim and door.
Windows to be painted

Better view of trim to be painted - see how much shellac they put on the trim?!  OMG - it looks so awful!

Wanting to paint or refinish the table, too.  Sigh... 

So there it is.  I'm planning to use the Zinsser oil based primer so that I don't have to sand, but I've heard it's very smelly.  This project will have to wait for some cooler days so I can leave the windows open all day and night.  Wish I  was better at taking photos of these tiny rooms, they really are much cuter than my photos show.  You'll just have to use your imagination.

I'm so excited now.  Can't wait to see it finished!!!

Stay tuned...


  1. Looks like you and I have the same wood work. My hubby won't let me paint that wood work, but my kitchen and bathroom are painted and I can dream and change those anytime I wish. Have fun!

  2. How exciting for you!!! Think about how much a paint can transform your already pretty rooms. Well, you're gonna be busy for a while my dear. Don't forget to share us the after.


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