How I Built the Baby Greenhouse

I've had so many requests for more information on how to build my little greenhouse that I finally sat down to write up some details for those who want to build their own.

DIY Mini Greenhouse

Calendars and Cards

I personally don't scrapbook, but I do love cards, calendars and photo albums and this software is AWESOME!!  It's not just for scrapbooking, you can create so many things with it. It's easy to use and you can use My Memories Scrapbook Software designs or create your own.  I like to give calendars as stocking stuffers or gifts - and this software helped me create a professional looking calendar with all of my favourite photos.  Or you could give the grandparents a treat with photos of your kids in every season.  Share your garden photos or scenery shots with your friends.  Build photo albums to share.  Cute cards are super easy to make as well - lots & lots of choices of layout.

Here's my Christmas card:

I also created a 2012 calendar using my photographs and some free online calendar downloads:  (this is a Picasa collage I created of my calendar pages)  You can choose any layout you like for your calendar.  I printed mine at the Walmart photo shop, punched a hole in the top center and VOILA!  My calendar for the new year is ready :)

Gorgeous Patchwork Pillows

Ness from Marley & Lockyer makes gorgeous pillow covers.
This patchwork cushion cover was made by Ness from samples of material from a company called Cabbages and Roses.  Check out their website, they have the prettiest fabrics.

Meanwhile, I've just found my inspiration for my master bedroom makeover!!  Soooo  happy :)

Garage Sale Saturdays!

Not my best week of finds, but here's what I picked up for a total of $6:

I can never have too many frames!  I love the little blue organizers for my workbench and the little teapot is going to the office with me on Monday.  The little porcelain popcorn bowl was too cute to pass up - besides this stuff was all FREE!! 

Another wood box for my collection and a cute basket I want for my greenhouse.  (Eloise the cat is suspicious of the bushel basket!)

Managed to put the frame to good use immediately for my latest painting  :)

I found this feeder at the dump.  I spray painted the roof black, stuck the feeder in a tomato cage and shoved the whole thing in the ground in my garden.  When the plants grow up around it, I think it will look charming.

A closer look.

Another dump find (I love wood boxes!!!)

Look how cool this is!  Blogpost coming on what I've done with this box & lid.

Another successful day!

Beautiful Turquoise Frame

Look at this gorgeous frame by Mimi at Blue Roof Cabin .

Isn't it the most gorgeous frame?  It's mine now!  Can't wait to hang it in my house.

I love it!

A Baby Greenhouse is Born!

I have wanted a greenhouse forever but never had the time, money, place, whatever - and all the other excuses anyone can think of.

In May, I picked up three storm windows that were exactly the same.  I set them aside and planned to build a cold frame with them, but then I came across a story on Twitter about upright cold frames and I was off and running with a new plan.  I wanted one!

Summer came and went and I was so busy that this project fell by the wayside.  This weekend, I gathered all the windows, scrap lumber I had lying around and my tools and began to plan a structure around the size of the windows.  It was challenging because I only had a couple of 2x4s to work with, the rest of the wood was all sorts of sizes and dimensions as well as rough cuts.  If I had it to do over again, I would have bought two more 2x4s and saved myself a lot of time and agony over how to piece this thing together!  That being said, I did manage to do it all by myself and wound up with a pretty sweet little baby greenhouse to boot!

DIY Greenhouse from Storm Windows
See what you can do with 3 little 'ol windows?

Old Storm Windows
Isn't she a pretty baby greenhouse? I'm so happy!

Little birdhouses from the dollar store, painted to match the door of the greenhouse. :)

All my stuff is well used...
Don't you just love mason jars???

DIY Greenhouse
I used a pallet as the base for the greenhouse.

DIY Mini Greenhouse

Happy September everyone!  Can you believe summer is almost over??!


If you want to make one of your own, please see:  


Cool Candle Holder

I was working on my shed cleanup today and found this old light fixture.  It was hanging in my house when I moved in but the movers smashed it and I replaced the fixture with a new one.

I set it down on my work bench and it looked like a pretty candle holder to me.  I had a spare pillar candle in my pantry and the two looked like they were made for each other.  I'm so happy I could repurpose this lovely fixture :).

I also found a really beat up old chest of drawers at the dump and so I brought home two of the drawers to add to my shed collection.  My shed is so huge, I'm working on one corner at a time for my grand clean-up.   Here is the result of today's work:

I'm using old crates and drawers as shelving.

 The bottom two levels are the drawers I found, then three old crates stacked on top & screwed into the studs to ensure nothing topples over.

I'm getting there, slowly but surely!! Hopefully I'll be finished before the snow flies so I can put all my lawn furniture away for a change.


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A Cosier Bedroom

I've been reading so many blogs on bedroom makeovers that I'm desperate to do something to improve the look of my spare bedroom.  I don't know about the rest of you, but it seems like your designs just flow from you effortlessly.  I, on the other hand, have to dress something 20 times before I achieve something I actually like.  And then trying to photograph it is another challenge - particularly since I dropped my camera in the creek last winter & it seems to have dried water drops on some interior part... :(

So here is my latest effort at choosing things I already have and styling them.  Please, please, please share tips or ideas on how I could improve on what I've started.  I'd love to hear how someone else would style the space.