Bathroom Makeover

My bathroom has orange tiles that I don't like :( .  It's not in my budget to replace them and I don't like the idea of painting them, so for the last 12 months I've been trying to find the right colours to see if I could minimize the impact of the orange.

Here's what I began with:

Peach walls, orange tile and grey floor (although it looks peachy in these photographs...)

I tried painting the walls BM Sundial - that colour works really well with the woodwork and the floors, so it's staying.  I brought in yellow accessories and a bookcase that I painted to match the walls:

Better, but still not right.

I found some gorgeous chocolate waffle weave towels that I couldn't resist buying & then my design took off!  I spray-painted the laundry  hamper and a matching basket with Painter's Touch Espresso in a satin finish. I found a chocolate bathmat.  I brought in more chocolate accessories and then I found a beautiful tone-on-tone striped shower curtain in chocolate.  I don't like unframed mirrors, so I kept searching for a framed mirror that I liked.  I found one on clearance for $30 - it's a bit large, but the colour of the frame is brushed nickel with a yellow detail that matches the paint exactly.

So here is the before again:

and here are the afters:

and the finishing touches:
Basket of goodies and extra fresh, fluffy towels

Chocolate scented candles

Green Tea Olive Oil Soap from France,  a pretty lantern I got from Avon and a basket I love that I've had forever.
I'm almost glad summer's over so I can enjoy a bubble bath in my new space.



  1. Thanks for the compliment :) Your bath redo is amazing as well! Thanks for linking up this totally rocking bath post at Roomspiration blog party :)

  2. That is fantastic, a great improvement.

  3. I am new to your blog :) Wow, am I impressed with your bathroom redo! XOL

  4. Another great job. It is so interesting and informative how you explain how you came to the beautiful finish.

  5. Summer or winter...there's never an excuse for me *not* to have a long bubble bath!! I loooove relaxing in the bath - and I really like how you've worked with what you've got. It's hard, isn't it, when there's things you can't/don't want to change....but this looks such a welcoming, warm space - perfect for bubbles!


  6. Love your sink! You really embraced the warm tones in the tile and thats what makes this work. You can't pair cool tones with that orangey color-it contrasts it and actually makes it stand out more. Now it looks more warm-terra cotta rather than orange. Nice job!


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