Cool Candle Holder

I was working on my shed cleanup today and found this old light fixture.  It was hanging in my house when I moved in but the movers smashed it and I replaced the fixture with a new one.

I set it down on my work bench and it looked like a pretty candle holder to me.  I had a spare pillar candle in my pantry and the two looked like they were made for each other.  I'm so happy I could repurpose this lovely fixture :).

I also found a really beat up old chest of drawers at the dump and so I brought home two of the drawers to add to my shed collection.  My shed is so huge, I'm working on one corner at a time for my grand clean-up.   Here is the result of today's work:

I'm using old crates and drawers as shelving.

 The bottom two levels are the drawers I found, then three old crates stacked on top & screwed into the studs to ensure nothing topples over.

I'm getting there, slowly but surely!! Hopefully I'll be finished before the snow flies so I can put all my lawn furniture away for a change.


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  1. Turning that light fixture part into a candle hold was reallly smart! I can't help but notice that great old door and am wonderful what you have planned for it?

    Thank you for linking to Potpourri Friday and helping to make it a success! I appreciate you and hope you will link up again next week!

  2. I'm loving that old door too. Great job maklng shelves and organizing. I love old drawers and crates too. I have several of those light fixtures as candle holders, I put some glass crystals hanging from the edges of them, (one of mine had holes around the scalloped edges), and it really dressed it up!

  3. Your light-turned-candleholder is beautiful. Aren't you glad you kept it for a repurposing project?

    By the way, I love, love, love that door in the corner of your shed, Anne! I've looked high and low for one just like it for my backdoor...and STILL haven't found one! ;)

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  4. What a fun way to re-purpose you light...I would have never thought of that! Very cleaver.

    It looks like you are making great progress on your shed project. The idea of using old drawers is brilliant. I love your door, I like to use them in the garden...I think they are very charming. Have a great day and thanks for paying me a visit.

  5. Now that's one clever idea!!! Your shed looks a ton better than mine...looks like I need to get to work on mine.


  6. Great job on the shed...looks WAY better than mine!

  7. What a great candle holder. I just love your big shed and the draws are a great idea. Looks great.

  8. Yes agreed with the above comments. This is really a smart move to convert a light fixtures into a candle holders.


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