Garage Sale Saturdays!

Not my best week of finds, but here's what I picked up for a total of $6:

I can never have too many frames!  I love the little blue organizers for my workbench and the little teapot is going to the office with me on Monday.  The little porcelain popcorn bowl was too cute to pass up - besides this stuff was all FREE!! 

Another wood box for my collection and a cute basket I want for my greenhouse.  (Eloise the cat is suspicious of the bushel basket!)

Managed to put the frame to good use immediately for my latest painting  :)

I found this feeder at the dump.  I spray painted the roof black, stuck the feeder in a tomato cage and shoved the whole thing in the ground in my garden.  When the plants grow up around it, I think it will look charming.

A closer look.

Another dump find (I love wood boxes!!!)

Look how cool this is!  Blogpost coming on what I've done with this box & lid.

Another successful day!


  1. Anne I think you did just great! Love your finds, that feeder is so cool! I love wood boxes as well. Now MY cat would have jumped right in the basket!!


    Art by Karena

  2. Anne, you found some great stuff. Loved the baskets and the bird feeder.
    You have a lovely blog!
    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog...I hope to see you there more often.

  3. Great finds! Just love your bird feeder! Why would anyone throw it in the dump? Glad you rescued it!


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