Box Makeover #4 - Chippy Paint

* B E F O R E *

I hated the look of this jewelry box.  Don't get me wrong - I appreciate the gorgeous wood and the inlay work.   If it had been a guy's box, I would have thought it was great.  The craftsman who built this box used these ridiculous pin-things as hinges.  They would fall out every 4th time the box was opened (and I open my jewelry box A WHOLE LOT!!!).  It frustrated the heck out of me until I finally just discarded the lid completely and stuck the box inside an armoire to keep the dust off my jewelry.

I wanted a jewelry box that was prettier and more functional, so I spray painted it black.  Um well, ok so THAT didn't work out.  The newspaper I had set the box on blew up and got stuck to the sides and then I ran out of spray paint, there were drips everywhere and... well, things just went sideways from there.  Quick sanding job and back at 'er...

I painted it Behr's Almond Cream.  I used an almost dry brush so you would see some of the black underneath.  I didn't like that either...

Then I painted it with my own concoction of ugly mistake paint Behr's Agave and a pure white.  I used a dry brush again so the cream paint would show through.  Then I scratched it up a little and sanded the corners.  I had a bunch of old knobs kicking around that I wanted to use, so I played around with them until I came up with a design I liked and attached them to the lid.  I also installed some hinges and painted them over to make them look old.

I like the look now and it's soooooo much easier to lift the lid.

* A F T E R *



  1. Nice color you concocted. I like your embellishment as well.

  2. It has a nice contemporary look now. Your PPF is linking to last week's entry btw.

  3. Oh sorry Anne, I guess I saw it on Sunday Sketches!

  4. Now your box is more modern Anne.
    I wish you an Happy Week :)

  5. So pretty, Anne! Thanks for linking your adorable project to Potpourri Friday!


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