Box Makeover #1 - Adding Bling

I love wood boxes and I tend to collect them from all kinds of sources.  This one was a gift:

This was a little jewelry box that someone gave me a long time ago:

This one came filled with an assortment of tea leaves:

and these two were also full of tea leaves:

Cute huh?  Well, yes and no...

I love the last two exactly as they are.  The first three boxes could be so much more!  

So here is Box Makeover #1:

Remember the before:


* A F T E R *

I used spray paint to coat the box without using a primer.  I love that the stripes show through.  To dress it up a bit, I added an broken brooch to the front with my glue gun.


  1. Hi Anne, these are things I think about doing, but don't get around to. Great job, and love the bling you've added! thanks for linking up to the party, xo

  2. Hi Anne - I love your box make over - very creative!

  3. So nice you collect them! They look very nice and vintage! Love it!

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  5. Your box came out lovely and its perfect on your little shelf! I collect boxes too! Deb

  6. Very nice makeover for this little box!

  7. Oh my gosh I love what you've done with the boxes,, great redo.
    I'm glad you like the daisy painting, its acyrilic, 24 x26, I used lots of paint on a wide brush, turning the brush as I went through the leaves, loading different greens and yellows.After that ried I actually added the daisies, thick white then alittle shading at the base of the petals,,and of course the centre of the daisy is just a round bruch loaded with all the colors of a diasy bud,, I hope it works outfor you,, thanks for visiting, I tried emailing by mines out right now

  8. I love a good box makeover! :)
    It's really pretty!

  9. Totally cool. Love the box makeover. I'm thinking silver box makeover.... Inspiring idea.

    Thanks for posting.


  10. This is gorgeous! You are so talented!!

  11. Awesome makeover!!! I love it. Now I know why I have those boxes in that bin in the corner. :)

  12. Oh I love what you did with them! Beautiful!

  13. What a transformation!!! I'm impressed. Great work!

  14. Hi Anne, This is quite the transformation! I have a thing for boxes too! As you say, they are great for storage. My favourite box is one from my grandmother and is a bright orange box that once held cigars.

  15. Beautiful!!

    Aimee @

  16. Now that's the way to add romance! It looks just perfect in your bath. The brooch adds just the right sparkle. Great job!

  17. Well done, Anne! Love your boxes!

  18. Wow, your makeover boxes are great.

  19. Love it! I never would have thought to do that. Guess I'll start rounding up some boxes now. LOL


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