For love of candles

I have a candle obsession...  I keep buying candles and holders (and making my own as well) even though I have no place to put them, I can't help myself!!!!

For love of candles :)

Candles decorated for Xmas with jute, ribbons and wrapping paper
Old light repurposed as candle holder with a candle wrapped with a bit of burlap and jute tie.
Not really a candle, but love it all the same

Garage Sale find

Love these stars!

Avon Moroccan Lantern

Love the chicken wire on these tea light holders

Antique bronze candle holders
Another star :)

a rustic touch with more jute

Jam jar candle holder
(a few decorative stones & more jute)

Old fashioned boat lantern

Candle chandelier

So am I alone in this fetish or should I start a Candle Holders Anonymous group???

Have a fabulous week!!

Tree Stump Table

Thirteen years ago, my ex and I built a log home.  When it was finished, we had little bits of stumps left over from the construction phase and when I moved into my new home, I brought one of them with me.

I had used it on my front porch as a table for a decade and it was very weatherbeaten.  Naturally I didn't take any before photos of it, but below is a photo of the log house I used to live in and you can see where it used to sit on the front porch right beside the front door.

In my new home, I decided it would be nice to have it indoors so I painted it creamy white to clean it up a bit.  It looked better but was too plain for my liking.  I'm just not an "all white" kind of girl.  Ever since I redecorated my master bedroom, I'm right into a French cottage mode of decorating so guess what I used to embellish my new table?  Yup, that old fleur-de-lis pattern that I am now totally in love with.

Painting and a Quote

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."
- Henry David Thoreau

I found this quote today and it reminded me of a painting that I have been struggling with for some time.  I've actually painted over the canvas three times trying to get it right!  Today, I am much happier with the painting and I have chosen to appreciate it for its simplicity and brightness rather than continuing in my attempts to make it into something that it is not.

20x24 Acrylic on wrapped canvas
And since that painting was my tribute to Autumn and now it's almost Spring, I decided to paint a flower painting as well.

9x12 Acrylic on watercolour paper
Have a happy week!

"Joy is a net of love by which you can catch souls."

I heart old windows and doors

I get so excited every time I find an old window or door and I seem to be finding lots of them lately.  In fact, I just scored about 5 of them from a friend who is cleaning out his barn!!!

Here are some of the windows/doors I've found:

My potting bench makeover.
The door I saved just as it was being tossed into the landfill...

These doors I saved from being tossed into the landfill:

another window I got from the dump:

Then I got 3 same size windows that I made into this tiny greenhouse:
If you want the details on how I built it, click HERE

I found this window in a dumpster in another town... gotta hit em all when driving by you know!

And here it is again in a different vignette.

here is my favourite of all the doors I've found.  Got it for $1 at a garage sale
10 years ago and haven't figured out what to do with it yet!
(Shed beautification is a coming attraction - lol)
Happy treasure hunting everyone!   I can't wait for the spring yard sales :)


The Mini Shed Project aka I built a shed for $30

Last October, flush with my success at building the mini greenhouse, I decided to build my own garbage can enclosure instead of buying a $299.00 plus tax plastic one from a building supply store.  I wanted to spend as little as possible to put this project together, and so the scrounging began!

I had three 2x4s on hand and I bought three more.  A friend had some leftover fence boards he didn't want and he even cut them down to 3' lengths for me so I could easily transport them and use them.  I had 6 - 10' tongue & groove pine boards in my used wood pile and I found a pallet to use as a base.

I Google'd sheds and found a plan for a garbage container and wood shed that looked fairly easy to build.  I modified the plan to suit my needs and began cutting the wood.   All I have is a circular saw, so that's what I used.  Then I built the very basic frame and began attaching the fence boards as siding.

Catch the fancy angled cuts on the roof rafters!  I used a cardboard template for those so I could cut the two pieces with the same angle.

I used a pallet as the base.
Here is the list of scrounged items - 25 x 3' fence boards (didn't use them all),  used OSB pieces I found while cleaning out my crawlspace as sheathing for the roof.  (I had to add one more rafter in the centre because the OSB kinda sagged, the short piece of 2x4 was left over from the wood I had bought.)  My neighbour gave me a piece of #30 tarpaper and I found 6 roofing shingles in my shed.  The  tongue&groove pine boards for the doors were leftovers, too (a little warped but serviceable!).  Aside from the three 2x4s, the only things bought new were the hinges, drip edge flashing and handles.

The front of the shed is 48" tall, the back is 40" tall and the sides are 24" wide.   It's the perfect size for keeping garbage cans out of sight!

Total out of pocket cost:  $30.00 - a far cry from $299 plus tax!!  Now I can have my garbage in my front yard, neatly hidden away and it's quick & easy to chuck it out to the curb on garbage day.  I need to paint the underside of the roof and attach a couple of pieces of lattice over the triangular openings on both sides, but not half bad for being only the 2nd thing I've ever built!

ps you could totally use pallet wood for this project and get away with an even LOWER cost!

Check out the larger shed I built from old doors.  Click HERE for more details

Click on the photo for details.

and if you need a more detailed plan of how to build something like this, click HERE and you can download a pdf file of a similar plan.


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"I believe in pink, laughing is the best calorie burner, happy girls are the prettiest, tomorrow is another day,
 I believe in miracles"
-Audrey Hepburn

I've been experimenting with my new style of painting.  I call it free-flowing (and messy!) and I really like the look.  Here are four of my paintings in this style:

Watercolour on 8x12 watercolour paper

8x12 Acrylic on canvas board

Shades of Turquoise 8x12 Acrylic on paper

Thanks for visiting today.

Have a great week!

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Shutter Love

I have a tiny, skinny window in my bathroom.  Not being much of an exhibitionist, I prefer to have some kind of window treatment.  It doesn't matter to me if I think anyone can see in or not, the night time black hole of Calcutta makes me uncomfortable...

I have a bunch of matching shutters that I bought at a garage sale 15 years ago.  I use them in my bedroom as a window treatment for another oddly shaped window.  There was an extra shutter more than I actually needed to cover the bedroom window, I had just never detached it from its hinged mate.

The shutters in my bedroom look like this:

Except I didn't want an orange wood shutter in my bathroom.  Since I still have tons of creamy white paint on hand from my Master Bedroom Makeover Madness, I decided to paint the spare shutter.  I didn't paint it well cause I wanted it to look like it was aged and beat.  Then I took some acrylic paint in Raw Umber and wiped it all over the white paint with a paper towel.  Very rough looking job I might add!!

And now I have a cute, functioning shutter for my tiny little window.   Soooo in love with shutters :)

Mission accomplished!