Easy Peasy Slipcover

I've got cats and cats love sleeping on furniture.  My long-haired cat is forever choking up hair balls, usually while she is on my sofa and then I have one royal mess to clean up.  I've been combatting this issue by using throws over the areas where the cats sleep - but I am so tired of the look of throws everywhere...

Here is my sofa:

I like my sofa, I'd even like to just leave it looking like this all the time, but I can't stand the cat hair and cleanup duty.   I explored the idea of sewing my own covers for the cushions only, but I don't have a sewing machine and the thought of hand sewing the covers makes me shiver.  I Googled slipcovers but I find them all horribly expensive, especially since I only really want them to keep my sofa safe from cat hairballs and such.   

I want something inexpensive, reasonably attractive in a colour I like and that I can chuck in the washer & dryer as often as I like.

Enter Ikea and the Indira 100% cotton bedspread for under $20.  Can you say love??  LOVE LOVE LOVE.   I already own 3 of them because they are so versatile and they come in green, white, brown & navy.  They come in two sizes as well (bigger is more expensive, of course).
INDIRA Bedspread  INDIRA Bedspread IKEA
The chocolate brown one would be sweet, but since I already have 3 of these bedspreads, I'll spare myself the $20 and use mine.  

I don't like the look of those slipcovers that look like a blanket thrown over the couch - reminds me of those movies where people go into unused houses and everything is covered with dust sheets.  Instead I wrapped and tucked the bedspread around the cushions only.  If I was really into it, I'd sew the outer edges around the cushions (the ones that can't get tucked in) just to keep things from sliding around but since I'm lazy, I'll use a safety pin instead.   The bedspread is long enough that it doesn't come untucked from behind either set of cushions.   It doesn't slide around that much either, I'm very happy to report!!
 That's Maggie.  Doesn't she look so sweet, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth??  NOT!  For my next trick, I'm going to figure out how to paint those raised bars to look like ticking stripes...  have I mentioned paint is my life??!!

Not bad for $20 and 5 minutes worth of tucking and wrapping!  



  1. Anne,
    Great idea.Too bad I could not do that on my sofa.My back cushions are part of the sofa.Looks like kitty is happy too.

  2. Hi Anne, I have the same sort of challenges with pets, only mine is with dogs. Generally, they stay off the sofa, but occasionally they do try to sneak a nap when I am looking the other way. Your solution is not only affordable, it looks good too.
    P.S. Love your latest chalkpaint experiment!

  3. I have the same issue. white sofa, black cats. Ugh! I go around with a lint brush once a week. I call it "shaving the furniture". lol!

  4. So beautiful Anne... and I love Maggie... kitty kisses sweet little ball of fur... xoxo Julie Marie

  5. That's brilliant! And the best part is that it was at no cost! Glad to have found you! I'm now following you and hope to stay in touch!
    Love, Olga

  6. What a fantastic idea! Those Indira bedspreads are so versatile. I love Ikea!

  7. There you go! Nice and easy. either green or brown would be very nice. And I couldn't help but noticing your beautiful paintings on the wall. :)


  8. Yes, great idea! Thanks for linking up.

  9. We have the same issue. I love your creative solution! Thanks so much for sharing! ;)

  10. This is about fur ball prevention!! A small bit of butter on the top of her front paw, and she will be busy licking it off, and will hopefully keep the fur burps away!!!!

  11. Oh this is a great idea! I have the same couch and the same cat hair problem! And my husband is super tight with money so this is a great idea! Thanks!

  12. Hi, I just bought one of these bedspreads from Ikea and noticed that the tag says not to tumble dry. I see from your post that you do put yours in the dryer. Did you have any problems with shrinkage? Do you know whether the spread was labeled no tumble dry back when you bought it? I have no idea how to dry a bedspread without using the dryer, I have no space to hang it!

    1. It did shrink a bit the first time I dried it. I have a dryer where I can adjust the settings, so I have it on medium heat and damp dry so that it isn't 100% dry when I take it out. It's the very last stage of drying that causes the most shrinkage. Hope that helps! ps I also use my shower rod to dry big things. I just drape them over :)


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