Vintage Perfume and Chalk Paint

I have two matching wood boxes that I bought 5 years ago to display in my bookcases.  The brown and gold boxes no longer fit in with my cottage-style look, so makeover time!!

I was inspired by Myric, from Petites Passions who had just made over a galvanized vase with a Graphics Fairy image that I fell in love with.  To see Myric's post, click HERE  So I took the first box and painted it with a chalk paint creamy white and then I distressed it heavily.

I used two of the same label, one mod podged on the front and one on the top, and then I wiped some aqua paint lightly over the top of the whole box.

 I love it!!
Box #2
I painted it with a cream base and then dry-brushed with aqua over the top.  I went through the Graphics Fairy site until I found another rose label.  This one had two parts to it, the label and then a border with the company's initials inscribed in the center.

Gotta love the Graphics Fairy and Mod Podge!!  I quite love both of these boxes now.  So much better than the dark brown and they fit into my new decorating scheme.

Have a fabulous and creative week!

The Turquoise Door

Remember this door?  The old wood door that used to be the original front door to my house?  From my "I painted my 1930s wood trim" post??

I was going to remove it and replace it with a cool door that I've been packing around forever, but there's this room on Pinterest that keeps popping up and every time I see it I think "oh yeah baby"!!


I adore this entire room...  but I'll settle for the door (I'm still trying to figure out why a stack of towels is necessary in the living room, but heck, I say go for it if it makes you happy!)

So out comes the paint AGAIN!  I think when I'm finally done this house, I am going to take a good, long break from paint.

I washed the door down with TSP and primed it with Zinsser's Cover Stain primer (oil based).  I was so excited to see the aqua, I'm glad it only took 1 hour for the primer to dry before I could start painting!  Love, love, love this colour!!!!

And in case you haven't been following along, here is the room 2 years ago when I first moved in:

So much better now!!!!

And while I had the primer out, I also finished priming the trim in my hallway.  And because I primed the trim, I went ahead and painted the trim & the walls & the ceiling - the hall looks like it was hosed down with my special blend coffee cream paint!!  Well, ok, so I didn't do the ceiling, but it felt like I did!

Hallway Before

 and this shot to show you how YELLOW the hall was before.  Plus the weird trim detail of the doors.

Yes, there's Eloise again, always trying to get in the photos.
Hallway After:

            BEFORE                                        AFTER

Oh and btw, that thing on the floor of the far doorway is Maggie's tail.  I wanted to get that straight before a certain "dust bunnies are the next pet rock"  friend of mine decided to pounce on it as a major money maker...

Hmmmm looking at that kitchen of mine now...  watch out cabinets!  Here I come!

lol - I think I may need a paint intervention.  Or a holiday away from home.  Yeah, a holiday away from home, somewhere with a beach.  Who's in??  We could have a 4-day vacation convention with no rules and no presentations and no formalities, just a "let's all hang out in person" convention.  On a beach.  With fruity drinks.  And cabana boys...

Have a fabulous week!

The Bookcase Odyssey

You ever have one of those projects that just seems to go sideways from the start?  Sigh.  Home made chippy paint experiment #3.  You'd think I would have learned by now... but no, I'm a sucker for punishment.   Next up - my Ikea Markor bookcases.

It wasn't until I took this photo to show off my newly painted trim that it dawned on me - these bookcases look awful in this space!!


My Teeny Tiny Dining Room

My dining room is still a work in progress, I want to paint my table and maybe the chairs and make the space feel cozier. Here is the work so far, with the room freshened up and all the trim all newly painted:

I painted my coffee table AGAIN

I am in love with turquoise these days.  I decided to add some turquoise to my living room by giving my dumpster found coffee table a swirly paint treatment.

Bathroom Reno Update

This is the "Gut and Renovate My Bathroom for $3000 Challenge".  There has really been no progress on the demo/reno itself, but I have been shopping and found some great prices that will help stretch my tiny budget.  Like my new American Standard toilet that was 30% off at Home Depot:

My new Moen bathroom faucet (matches my kitchen faucet) was marked down by $50.  I popped it into place in the new sink for effect :)

 I opted for this sink/vanity combo because it was only  $88 marked down from $129 and I can paint the cabinet and doll it up later on.  I've already put different knobs on it because the original knobs were, well, cheap looking!

So far so good.  Next items to pick up are the lights and bathroom fan so I can get the electrician in to wire them.  As soon as the snow disappears, I will be ripping out the tile floor so that I can get the plumber to rough plumb the sink and toilet.  Then it will be the installation of the ceiling, walls, floor and trim.

Budget                $3000
Spent to date:           640  (capping lines and new fixtures)
Balance                $2360

So happy things are beginning to move on this project!!  To see Part 1 - click HERE