Lovely Lavender

I had a nice little crop of lavender this year and I picked and dried lots of it.  I love the smell and look of lavender so I thought I'd show a few ways I use it around my house.

in a home made paper cone and hung from a shutter

a few sprigs in a pretty bottle in the bathroom

a bunch tied with a satin ribbon and hung upside down on a mirror in the bedroom

a bunch pre-dried and displayed in a decorative perfume bottle

 broken stems, leaves and flower petals dried and put in a pretty potpourri dish

more bits and pieces in a small mason jar
A silver cuff bracelet with a mauve medallion sits on top of the petals
and a tiny beaded necklace adorns the lip.

All parts of lavender are fragrant and when dried, the fragrance lasts and lasts.  My whole house smells like lavender these days and I'm loving it!!

Have a happy week.


  1. Anne isn't lavender the best!!! I love how yours is displayed too! I just bought two lavender pillows from dreamy whites and they smell amazing!<3

  2. I planted two lavender plants this summer but forget to harvest ;( I will be on it next year for sure. It was fun to see how you used yours in your home.

  3. Love the lavender on the shutter! I'm sure it smells heavenly!

  4. good morning Anne ... love your lavender. Wish I had some. I love have your have yours displayed especially the paper cone on the shutter. I planted two plants in pots, but they never did well. I will try again next year.
    Audry Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  5. Mmmmm! I can smell it from here Anne. I love the newspaper sleeve! Have a lovely week :)

  6. Fabulous, you know me, I love Lavender!!

  7. I love lavender and all your clever places! I bet your bathroom smells heavenly :)

  8. Lavender is my favourite scent. It freshens any room. I like the ways you have scattered lavender around your house Anne.

  9. I love lavender and you have displayed it so beautifully throughout the house....Love the paper cone Anne!!!

  10. Lovely lavender, Anne--I like it in the paper cone on the shutter! My lavender plants have died out over time--I only have one french lavender plant left, and it's kind of teeny. I better do something about that next spring!

  11. I lOVE lavendar ... and love it in your little bottles.

    Congrats on your link party, I love the features ... just getting caught up from vacation .. trying to get back in the swing of things quickly before company comes next week. :)

  12. I love the smell of lavender. It looks beautiful in the bottles.


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