Music Sheet Cone Vase

I bought this gorgeous wrapping paper at Christmas and now I have all these odds and ends of it left over.  I didn't want to throw any out and most pieces were really too small to use for wrapping next year.  I really loved the paper cone vase I had made earlier this year, so I decided to make another version of it.

It's so easy, you just cut a square shape and wrap it around your hand making it tight on the other end, tape the joint with magic tape or glue it together and pop in a little arrangement of dried flowers.  I used hydrangeas and lavender to make this one.

Ta dah!

To hang it, I punched a hole in the back and added a twine loop.  So easy, so pretty.

Here is the one I made a few months ago

Makes for a cute gift also - even with fresh flowers!  Just wrap your favourite gift wrap around the bundle of flowers and tie it with a pretty ribbon.

Happy New Year!

2012 In Review - Part 2 The Projects

The year began with a bang on a super simple project that went viral - the mason jar soap pump.  This is my second most popular post of all time (although the turquoise chalk paint armoire beats the competition by a mile!)

Then there was the shed I built for $30 from scrounged scraps of wood, some hinges and handles:

I tried my hand at making a sign:

I painted my tree stump and added a fleur-de-lis design.  I made a table out of it using a piece of glass as a tabletop.

 I tackled my mudroom and laundry, adding much needed storage to this house!  Nothing you see in this photo was here when I moved in.  I installed a closet organizer (the shelves with the clothes rods at the side). I also bought a cabinet and installed a laundry tub and built shelves over the top and a little counter at the side.  Then, with the help of friends, I installed a new dryer vent and stacked my new washer and dryer.  

I finished off my front entry by installing beadboard on one wall to cover up missing drywall and built a cover for my electrical panel.

Then I converted my coffee table to a bar height table by swapping out the legs for longer 2x2 legs that I cut to the height I wanted.

I found a 5 panel door at a garage sale and added legs and some trim to create a king-sized headboard:


I made over my Ikea chair using a shower curtain for the slipcover.

To add storage to my kitchen, I bought some Ikea brackets and used some wood I had on hand to build shelves on one wall.

and added a pot rack that I hung vertically:

I took a 6 cube storage piece that I didn't really like, added legs and a table top and made a cool console out of it.

 Upcycle an Ugly Cube Storage Unit

I made over my tallboy to look like an apothecary cabinet:

I attempted mitered corners for the first time when I built a hook rack from scratch.

I built my own shutters from a 10' 1x8 piece of pre-primed pine.

My greatest triumph of all this year, came with my Impossibilities Challenge of renovating a bathroom completely on my own.  I don't have photos of the original bathroom - can you say U-G-L-Y???

It had vertical tongue and groove dark orange stained knotty pine boards on every wall and an even uglier imitation drop-ceiling treatment (yep, weird.  Not a drop-ceiling, some fibreboard thingy designed to look like one).  The bathtub had a storage cupboard built over the top of it (nothing like mouldy storage units).  The vanity had a medicine chest complete with Hollywood light strip that wasn't hardwired to a switch.  SHUDDER! Do you understand why I never photographed it?

This is what it looked like after the demo was done and I had installed new insulation.

and this is what it looks like now.

Thank you for following along with me on my journey to renovate and decorate my house.  The blogging community has been so inspirational to me, giving me tons of ideas and direction.  I really appreciate all of you for your support, your uplifting comments and your unflagging belief that I could do this work myself.

You are all ROCK STARS!  

Here's to a happy and successful 2013 - onward and upward!

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2012 In Review - Part 1 The Power of Paint

I cannot believe how quickly this year flew by.  It seems like only a month ago, I was painting up a storm in my master bedroom - leaving no surface untouched!  But that was 12 months ago.  Wow.  Don't blink or it will be 2014 not the eve of 2013!!

So, as I said, my bedroom got a complete makeover - walls, furniture, no surface left untouched

My writing desk and chair got a coat of paint

Christmas at My House

Welcome to my Christmas!

This Christmas is a low-key one for decorating, I didn't get out half of the Christmas boxes that I have stashed away in my workshop.  It feels much lighter and I actually like it better this way. 

I put a few things in my bedroom.  My beloved wooden snowmen, some candles, stars and a stocking :)

Charlie Brown visited my living room in the form of a twig tree.

Home Made Ornaments

I signed up for a home made Christmas ornament exchange and wound up making several different ones.  I chose a felted snowman ornament and was super excited to make it, but my enthusiasm quickly waned when I could NOT find the motivation to do any hand sewing.   So after two weeks of procrastinating, I went back to the drawing board.

Here are the ornaments I created:

Wrap jute or twine around the jar lids.  Tie the two lids together with twine.

Add a felt scarf and hat and glue some decorative holly onto the hat for an extra festive touch!

Wrap twine around and around and around.. looks time consuming but only takes about 5 minutes to do (depending on the size of lid you have), then add a bow to cover the tie-off.  I added some wire garland around the center of it to add some sparkle.  I didn't have to glue it, the wires tuck in neatly underneath the knot that ties off the twine.

I had a lot of little bits of veneer left over from my apothecary cabinet makeover, so I wiped some white paint on them, wrote Christmassy things on, drew a few sprigs of holly and berries and drilled holes for a festive wire hanger.  You could also use paint sticks or even shims for this.

Then I tried to find cute ways to use them in displays:

and of course, there was my 3D tin star project that worked out so very well :)

and because I was in the spirit of creating, here is my outdoor snowman wreath:

Christmas decorating is moving right along.  Have a happy week!!

Home Made 3-D Stars

I'm in love with stars.  Last year I bought a 3-d star to hang in my kitchen

So naturally, now I want more of them.  I decided to make my own.  I started with a foil oven liner 
like this: