Christmas at My House

Welcome to my Christmas!

This Christmas is a low-key one for decorating, I didn't get out half of the Christmas boxes that I have stashed away in my workshop.  It feels much lighter and I actually like it better this way. 

I put a few things in my bedroom.  My beloved wooden snowmen, some candles, stars and a stocking :)

Charlie Brown visited my living room in the form of a twig tree.

In the other corner of my living room is a pre-lit baby Christmas tree.  This is the one my cat has a love affair with.

Very conventional, I know.  No mason jars, no ribbons, no extra special touches... unless you count my super cool Merry Christmas toboggan that I found at Winners.  I adore folk art. The lower ornaments are generally sitting on the floor or being batted around the floor but I hung them back up again in your honour
We now move to the kitchen where my roosters are sporting Christmas ribbons and Santa beams a great smile over the whole process.

 I got the cute cup and cup sweater at my grocery store.  I love it.  I'll probably never drink out of it, but I love it.

 Dining Room
I put a little centerpiece together using a few hydrangeas, some silk poinsettias, sparkly fruit and a little sign I made.

 Here's my humongous poinsettia that I got for free when I spent an incredibly large amount on my groceries... 

I have three gorgeous hand painted enameled ornaments that are too heavy for the tiny trees, so I hung them from my chandelier with curled ribbons.

My front entry is the most decorated space in the house.  A baby tree lit up with a battery powered fairy light string.  

 A Santa hat, stocking and a bear that I've been packing around for more years than I care to admit to.

And my vintage St Nick.  I don't know what he's made out of but his original coat broke to pieces when I moved so I sewed him a new coat and trimmed it with gold braid.  I think he is so cool!

I had this little tree here first, but I had to change it up when I couldn't figure out what to do with St Nick.  He needed a place of honour so I got rid of the tree.

I got this super cute metal Christmas tree from the dollar store.  

The End.

  I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!



  1. I love the Christmas decorations! Bring on Christmas :)

  2. your home is Holiday beautiful. I love the simple touches and you have the ability to make each look impressive.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Love all your Christmas decorations! Have a wonderful holiday week!


  4. Love it all...from the Charlie Brown tree to the beautiful coat you made for all of your festive touches...and I have never seen a "sweater mug"...too cute!!!...My grocery store never gives anything away...and you got that great poinsettia?...that is so very nice!!!....
    Have a wonderful weekend Anne!!!...

  5. How lovely. Sometimes small is so much better as you see each item more clearly!! Love the snowman....but also, the big A and the stocking! Joan

  6. Lovely touches of Christmas in your home, sweet Anne! Not too crowded, but a little happy hint in every corner :)

  7. Your Christmas decorations look wonderful Anne, I love your folk art pieces! I was the same way too - I've only pulled out 1/4 of the stash and I'm ok with that. I'm seeing more and more people going with the less look this year and that suits me just fine! Happy Holidays!

  8. Love it all, you made a beautiful coat for Santa and I love that big stocking. Christmas at your home is lovely.


  9. I love your decorations, really! Not too much, but very festive! Expecially mug coat - that's such a great winter touch!
    Have a great time,

  10. Your home looks beautiful! All the Christmas touches you have added are perfect! I love that big stocking on the chair, and that sweater-ed cup is so cute! Happy Holidays!

  11. Everything looks so pretty and festive! Enjoy the last few days before the big day is here.

  12. You've done waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy more decorating than I have! Low-key seems to be the theme for this year - so many people are saying they just don't have the incentive to go all-out. And I have to say, I'm with you and prefer the simpler look of less decorating.

    I love the vignette on your desk with the stocking on your chair. And your Charlie Brown twig tree is adorable! Good idea to hang the large ornaments from your chandelier :-)

  13. Love it all, especially the sweater darling! I want one but haven't seen any around here! The poinsettia is so big and full, looks great where you have it!

  14. Your house is looking wonderfully festive Anne! I love all your little decorative touches.

  15. Everything is very pretty, Anne, I love the coat that you made for the Santa. And the trees are sweet, I only have three little trees, no big tree.
    Your sweater mug is wonderful!
    Merry Christmas to you, dear girl.
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. I'm loving the charlie brown twig tree! HUGS clydia @ Three mango seeds

  17. I love the understated look Anne. The ribbons on the roosters and other little touches do enough to bring in just the right amount of Christmas! And I love the apples on your tree!

  18. Sweet decorations Anne! I love your Christmas tree in the urn.

    Merry Christmas!

  19. So pretty Anne! LOVE your simplistic and pretty Christmas decor in your home!LOVE your tree in that urn!


  20. Beautiful! You are all set, and ready to celebrate! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Anne! :)

  21. Hi Anne, I'm your newest follower. I was very impressed by your bathroom makeover and agree with your latest Christmas post. I too, haven't taken everything out of the decoration boxes this year. I think that after a few years of decorating I've collected all kinds of colours and styles so have just taken the red, some white and silver and a few green decorations out this year. I've positioned a few 'normal' red and white household items around and am enjoying the understatedness of our Christmas decor too.

  22. Absolutely beautiful, Anne! I love how your heart shines through those Christmas decorations. I am so blessed to have met you in blogland! Thank you so much for being such a incredible friend!

    Have a Merry, Merry Christmas my wonderful friend!

  23. All your little touches are perfect...and it looks like you decked your halls like a pro! Merry Christmas Anne...hope it's wonderful.

  24. Merry Christmas to you my friend! Your house tour hits the perfect note of festive, without the overkill! Love to see some traditional decor!

    :) Linda

  25. Everything looks so pretty Anne! I love it when I discover new-to-me Canadian blogs! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Angie xo

  26. Loving all your Christmas especially your Charlie Brown tree! Thank you for visiting me! Merry Christmas, Kris

  27. Gorgeous, Anne! I love the roosters with the ribbon,the table centerpiece with your lovely sign, and the beautiful vintage Santa. I went a little less crazy in my decorating this year, too, and I think it turned out nicer. Merry Christmas to you!


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