Spring Showers

Another day, another painting!  A snowstorm kept me from leaving the house today - soooo frustrating when I am chomping at the bit to start a project!!  Oh well, I paced the house for an hour and then sat down at my easel to play with my paints.  This is what I came up with.

I messed around and started trying to paint snowdrops but failed miserably.  I turned them into tulips instead and I'm quite pleased with the result.

Spring Showers, Acrylic on 8x12 Acrylic Paper

And after a little added shading and definition, I framed the painting.  I am still amazed by the transformation created by a simple frame.

Have a happy and creative week!

Lucy's Playground

I have so much nervous energy today that I let it out in the form of another painting.   Hope you enjoy it!

Lucy's Playground
20x20 Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas

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Cheerful Landscape

It's been a while since I was inspired to paint pictures, but I saw a painting the other day and loved it so much that it spurred me on!  It must be spring fever setting in.

Shades of Yellow
11x14 Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas

Have a fabulous day!

Vintage Writing Desk - One Desk, Three Looks

I have a cute table I bought for $20 at a church sale.  I painted it yellow and changed the handles and loved it for four years.  Then I moved to my current house and the colour no longer worked.  I painted it ivory.

DIY Wire Hearts

I fell in love with some wire hearts I found on Pinterest and HAD to have some of my own.  Isn't Pinterest wonderful for inspiring projects??

I found some old picture wire in a drawer and was able to shape it easily into a heart.  To hang it, I added some chiffon ribbon in a super pretty aqua colour.  I wrapped a beaded necklace all around the wire and left the ends hanging down to pretty it up a bit.  Oh how I love how this turned out!!

I bent a wire coat hanger into a heart shape and wrapped twine all around the wire.  I also found a piece of dark green floral wire, yep, another heart!

Then I found this strange wire thing on my workbench - can't remember for the life of me what it was from.  It has 5 coils of wire attached together???  Whatever.  It was easy to shape it and then I offset the different coils to achieve a 3-d effect.  Cute!

I made one more picture wire heart to hang from a plant pot. I had lost the mate to a pair of heart shaped earrings.  I think it looks sweet attached to the center of the heart.

I took a tin foil pie plate and cut it into a heart shape.  I wanted an embossed look, so I tried to make shapes on it using a pen to scribe scrolls but that didn't work at all!  I painted it instead but that didn't look right either.  So I sanded some of the paint off which created a distressed look that I DID like and then I found a length of chain link to hang it up with.  I bent back all the edges to make it look chunkier, but it just didn't look right.  In the end I propped it up by some galvanized containers and it looked much nicer.  In hindsight, I should used glue to make the scrolls and then painted it.  Oh well, another time...

Have a fabulous day!