DIY Mini Stepladder

 Somebody asked the other day if bloggers check Pinterest to see if a project they're working on has already been done.   Hmmm.  I spend most of my time trying to copy stuff I've seen on Pinterest - I'm not proud!!!  I love trying to recreate something I've seen and fallen in love with.  I say!!!

Upcycling a Plastic Framed Door Mirror

I did it!  I built a nice wood frame from 1x4 lumber for my yard sale find door mirror.  Total Cost: $8.00 -  $1 for the mirror, $3 for the wood and $4 for mirror clips to attach the mirror to the frame.  What a bargain!!

The Sunflower

So much for getting projects done, I've been painting a closet. Not the most interesting thing in the world to post! Instead I have another painting to share!!! The painting bug has got me again.  I promise to have a DIY project to share very soon.

Here is my brand new painting - and my absolute favourite piece to date:

And now for a closer look.

I'm so happy with this painting!!  I've been trying to paint sunflowers for two years and I think I've finally got it!  I'm doing a happy dance.

And if you want to try your hand at creating your own sunflower painting, I'm adding the link to a Youtube video that helped me immensely!  Happy Creating!!

Have a great day!

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Hey Girl Valentine's Linky Party

I had to get in on the Valentine's Day Hey Girl party!  Here's my contribution... thinking more of cute and snuggly than funny.

Well, ok, one more!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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How to Store Tools in Plain Sight

Have I mentioned I have no basement?  No storage room to speak of and LOTS.OF.TOOLS :)  I'm a tool junky and I'm always working with them so I need to store them someplace where I have easy access to them.   Enter the shipping crate I found at a garage sale a while back.