Upcycling a Plastic Framed Door Mirror

I did it!  I built a nice wood frame from 1x4 lumber for my yard sale find door mirror.  Total Cost: $8.00 -  $1 for the mirror, $3 for the wood and $4 for mirror clips to attach the mirror to the frame.  What a bargain!!

I picked up this cheapo door mirror at a yard sale a couple of summers ago.  

Pretty basic!

So after seeing Shanty to Chic build a simple frame for a similar mirror, I figured I could do that too. I ripped the paper backing off, scored the glue with a blade and pulled the frame off.  It was super easy to get down to the mirror.  These mirrors are really cheap, they are super flexible when you get the frame off them so be careful if you decide to do this project!  I could see this kind of mirror breaking very easily if not stored properly until the new frame is prepared.

I measured the mirror and made sure to cut my wood so that the sides would overlap the mirror.  I cut the long ends first, then took the two long pieces and clamped them together before cutting the ends at 45 degree angles (this way they're the identical length).  Then I dry fit the long pieces to the mirror and made sure the shorter pieces were going to fit properly.  Mine were a smidgen too long, so I recut the two short boards and dry fit them again before cutting the 45 degree angles on them.

When I had everything fitting together perfectly, I glued the pieces together with a waterproof wood glue and used big rubber bands as clamps to hold the wood in place.  I added a couple of staples to make sure everything stayed tight.

I wanted a wood stain look, but I had no stain on hand so I used paint to get this look.   I used a bone white paint for the first coat - no primer - with a foam mini roller because I wanted to see wood grain.  When it dried to the touch, I used a damp paper towel dipped in Raw Umber acrylic paint (artist's paint tubes) and wiped that over the entire painted surface until I was happy with the colour of the frame.  Then I used Minwax Paste Wax in the dark wax colour and waxed the whole surface.  Lastly I attached the mirror to the frame using mirror clips.

The mirror clips I bought were heavy duty ones and a little too deep for the mirror, so I added two lengths of 2x1/2 inch plywood to each of the long sides, but if you buy the right clips, you won't have to do that!  You could glue the mirror to the frame and skip the clips, but I wasn't sure which glue would hold best so I opted for the clips rather than choose the wrong glue and have it all fall apart later...

Now it can reflect a little more light into my kitchen and I love the look of it!  

Happy creating!

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  1. What a cool transformation!Super easy too and I LOVE the thrifty price!Looks beautiful set into your vignette too!

  2. Very Nice - you did a great job.


  3. NICE! I have one of these in my garage that I just don't know what to do with. Love your idea. :)


  4. Wow! Good for you. I've never tackled a woodworking project. I am in awe...

  5. Love the weathered look wood frame on the mirror and the vignette is so perfect. You did a great job of dressing up that inexpensive mirror. I have two that I need to do this to ... sooo, I will just have to copy you. I think I have some old wood we saved when we repaired our rental. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Blessings, my friend.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  6. This looks beautiful, Anne. I love the paints and wax you used to achieve that nice aged look to the wood.

  7. Very nice. Love how you put it on its side too.

  8. Very smart and I'm sure it opens up the kitchen a bit with more light. Great job!Love it!
    Lisa Rose

  9. Good job Ann!! It's so rewarding when you accomplish something like this...a big impact for little money!! I love it!!

    Hugs Giggles

  10. I LOVE the stain color . How clever to put it on it's side too....

  11. Love the price of it Ann! The frame is so neat and I sure have to get some dark wax minwax soon!

  12. All I can say is your talented Anne. Well done..

  13. I have a couple of these mirrors that already don't have the plastic frame - so I'm already halfway completed for this project! Great idea Anne - love how it turned out :D

  14. Wow Anne...the mirror is fantastic!!!...You did a beautiful job as always...looks great on the shelf with all those "lovelies"!!!

  15. What a great idea to upcycle that ugly mirror1 Looks so super cute up there on the shelf1 You are amazing....

    hugs x

  16. Great transformation. Love the wood frame and the finish you did on it.

  17. Looks awesoem Anne! I have often thought about those mirrors, they are so cheap! Thanks for the inspiration! Jen

  18. Great job. I'm looking to do something like that for my powder room mirror. Good to know it can be done!

  19. What an amazing transformation and I LOVE how you have this displayed!

    Thanks for linking up to this week's Project Inspire{d} ~ big smooshy hugs!

    Mary Beth

  20. I love doing upcycling any furniture pieces, especially the mirror that brings our room together. Great job Anne and have a great day.

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you have a great day too!

  21. Ann, that looks fabulous! I love it.

  22. Anne - I have a mirror set aside to do just this with it! I really loved how yours turned out. Now I need to get myself in gear! Love, love it! :)

  23. That looks awesome Anne! I have one of those mirrors lying around too! I totally want to do this! Thanks for coming out to the party at Clean and Scentsible - shared on my Facebook page. :)

  24. It looks fantastic! You did a wonderful job and a great job explaining how to do it too...

  25. Anne, this is so awesome. I thought I was clever just painting the brass frame around a cheap floor length mirror.

  26. You are so good with your tools, the new wooden frame is so beautiful, sturdy and brings in the outdoors!

  27. Great idea! I want one!
    thanks for sharing,

  28. Great idea! I really love the look of this. You have inspired me to make something like this for my home. Thanks for sharing!

  29. I like the nice, solid wood. You did a great job here.

    I just told Danni at Silo Hill Farm that I liked your painting and she told me to get my behind over here to tell you, lol, and so I did. :) I like the blog, and your painting on Danni's post today really is fabulous.

  30. Well done Anne.! I don't know how you always seem to do it!! You are always finding and making such great things! I really envy and look up to you!! Joan

  31. I love this! And I know my readers will too! I'd love for you to stop by and link up at my very first link party (ya, ya...I know...I'm a little behind the times).


  32. Hey Anne! I just popped over from Danni's at Silo Hill Farm. This is a great project!! I love the rustic finish of the wood. The painting and the greenhouse shown on Danni's blog are fabulous!! I'm a new follower from Ontario. Looking forward to future posts.
    Tuula :)

  33. Beautiful project Anne! You have me thinking...Where could that go in my house...

  34. How clever! Thanks for sharing! ~Tammy~ :)

  35. Anne! That's fantastic! It looks great and I love the frame you made for it. No one would ever know it only cost you $9. Well done!


  36. Very thrifty! I love how the wood looks like old barn wood.

  37. Anne-this is a great looking mirror, but I LOVE it up on the shelf! yeah, I do! I have been wanting to do this forever with some reclaimed wood, but I'm running low on it, and I can make a LOT of wedding signs for money as opposed to wasting it on a mirror for myself... lol

    love it!

  38. The mirror doesn't even look the same! Please share your project at www.creativecraftsthursday.blogspot.com each and every week and check out what other creative divas are up to.

  39. Anne, I've made about a jillion of these and I always just hammer down my mirror clips to reduce the angle. Don't you just love a cheap mirror?

  40. Awesome--what a transformation! I found you at the Inspire Me Please link party--thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  41. It's amazing how awesome that little mirror looks with a big, chunky frame. I love it!

  42. L.O.V.E. it!! Found you through Sawdust Girl - Sawdust Throwdown

    Cher @ Designs by Studio C

  43. Playing catchup. I'm really getting the Anne inspiration when I read 10 posts at once!

  44. I have made mirrors similar to this before. And when I take the mirror out of its cheapy plastic frame, just save the frame and reuse it on the back to hold the glass to the pine wood frame. It's a perfect fit! Just be careful not to hit the mirror with your nails.

  45. I LOVE the frame! What color stain did you use?
    I am loving this blog and all the building you do!

    1. Thanks so much Lori! I didn't use stain on this mirror. I painted a white base coat and used Raw Umber acrylic paint (painters tube of paint) which I rubbed over the white paint with a damp paper towel. Then I waxed the whole mirror with Minwax Dark Paste Wax. Thanks for the compliments!

    2. Wow! It looks fantastic! I'm going to give it a try! Thanks again!


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