5 Minute Pillow Shams & Curtains for $6

Sewing is not my favourite thing to do. With no sewing machine I have to sew by hand which takes too long and I get bored fast. Fusible tape is now my BFF!!

A few weeks ago, I found these great herringbone weave tea towels in a clearance bin. They were a buck apiece.  I bought 10 of them with no clue in my head as to what I was going to do with them - but you know how it is when you find something of quality on sale, right?  

Once I got them home, I realized they were a nice big size and I needed curtains for a horizontal window in my spare bedroom.  I used Ikea clips and curtain rod and they were the perfect length.  I love that the stripes are on one end only, it works so much better for curtains that way.

I thought it would be sweet to make a cushion cover to match and then I discovered the towels were large enough to cover a queen sized pillow.  Out came that lovely fusible tape!  This was so easy it's ridiculous.  I got out the ironing board, laid the towels one on top of the other (nice side to the outside). I laid the tape just inside the edges so I would have a bit of an edge that showed and used the iron on high steam to press the tape.  I left one end open so I could slip it on and off the pillow easily.

So there you go!  I used 6 tea towels and got curtains AND a matching pillow sham.  Not too shabby!

To see a full tour of the bedroom, click HERE


The Reds

I was scrolling through old posts and was about to delete this one but decided instead to share it again. These were some of my very first paintings.  I'm amazed at how much I've improved although I have to say that two of these paintings are still great favourites of mine!

May 16, 2011:  Red, orange and yellow have been dancing in my head for the last few weeks so I let it all out and wound up with four new paintings. 

The last painting didn't look at all the way I wanted it to.  It was supposed to be the sun casting its rays out across a beautiful orange sky but I couldn't get the paint to do what I wanted it to.  It looked like a big fried egg!!  Even feathering the colours together did nothing that suited me do so I painted over it:

Look familiar?? I can't seem to get enough of this flower!  After some very frustrating moments, the mood I was in passed and I have some paintings that I like very much to show for it.  I love that I can take the emotions I'm feeling, distract myself completely with creating something and find myself in a completely free and happy state of mind when I'm finished. :)

Painting pictures soothes the soul.  It truly does.

Have a happy day!

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Checkerboard Storage for the Kitchen

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to receive a sampling of containers from Specialty Bottle.   They were interested to see what I might be able to craft with their containers.  It sounded like a fun way to stretch my imagination, so I picked out what I wanted from their online catalogue.  One week later, I had a nice box of tins to play with.  Christmas all over again!

Pink Tulips

I think I've created my best work to date. I'm so thrilled to share this painting with you!!! I love it :)  Spring is almost here!!!!!

 8x12 Acrylic on acrylic paper

I'm so looking forward to seeing the tulips in my garden pop up.

Happy Friday!

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Farmhouse Step Stool

Another chalk paint project! This time using a super sweet retail chalk paint & wax called FAT paint. A dear friend of mine just opened her own shop in Vancouver selling this product and I had to try it out!!!

The colour I chose was Autumn. It's a perfect faded country red with a hint of an orange to warm it up. I love this colour!!!

Last summer I wanted to give my kitchen stepstool a makeover. It's gorgeous, shaker style and solid maple. I was very hesitant to paint it but I slapped some paint on anyway and instantly hated it. No photos. Sorry, I suck at before shots... I hate it when I want to make over a piece but have absolutely no clue how I want it to look. It took 8 months for this inspiration to come to me. Sigh.

A Hint of Spring

Just a quickie post to share my latest painting - I'm so happy with it!!  Here's hoping for an early spring!

PS I was thinking of spring with all the greens and yellows in this painting, but the flowers are all late summer bloomers... lol!!! These are coneflowers & lavender, not daisies & grape hyacinths.  Sorry for the confusion!!!  :)

Have a fabulous day!

Sailboats and Sunflowers

Just a few more paintings to add to the ever growing stash in my studio. I really enjoy painting the sea and the sky. I guess that's why I can't get enough of these sailboat paintings!!!

Sailboat 5 8x12 Acrylic on acrylic paper $55 plus shipping

Sailboat 4 8x12 Acrylic on acrylic paper
$55 plus shipping

I love the grey, black and blue together, it's stormy and calming all at the same time.  If you want to see the other sailboats I painted, click HERE

And I had to have another go at painting the sunflower that so inspired me a few weeks ago.  This one is softer and a paler yellow.

Sunflower Take Two Spring Showers 8x12 Acrylic on acrylic paper $55 plus shipping

not sure if I like it with a white mat or a black one

I do love this sunflower, though.

Have a happy week!

If you are interested in buying any of these pieces, please contact me at designdreamsbyanne @ gmail.com

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Adding French Flavour to a Wood Tray

During the Christmas season, I  received a gift of a nut basket.  Only the "basket" was actually a wood tray.  It was just a cheapo dark stained wood tray that I instantly wanted to create something wonderful with.

I painted it basic white and it sat for a couple of months until I saw the perfect graphic from the Graphics Fairy  Click HERE for the graphic