Creating a Pretty Cottage Bathroom - DIY Renovation

Welcome to my "Impossibilities Challenge"!  I completely tore apart the old, ugly bathroom in my 1930s bungalow and remodeled it, BY MYSELF! (well except for the plumbing lines and new electrical wires).

I want to live at the beach!!!!!!!

It's no secret, I want a beach house and I fully expect my dream to come true.  In the meantime, I am having fun dreaming my dream - decorating my beach house in my mind (and on Pinterest and Houzz), painting coastal pictures, collecting seashells and vials of sand... Anything that makes the dream feel more real works for me!   If you want to follow my beach dreams, you can check out my Pinterest "Life at the Beach" board HERE.

So in that spirit, I decided to use a piece of bead board paneling as a canvas and I painted a beach scene.  Just a very basic one, but I love it so much!!!

I grew up 5 minutes' walk from a beach so I drew on my memories to come up with this view.  This is a "tide is going out" painting.

"On the Beach"
13x24 Mixed Media on Wood

 I used a glitter craft paint over the top of the water to simulate the sparkles caused by the sun.  Then I added sparkles to parts of the beach as well because some of the sand particles sparkle in the bright sunshine.  I can feel and smell the seaside air when I look at this painting.

Now to figure out where to hang it.

Mmmmmm, can't wait to be there again!   Meanwhile I dream.

Have a great week!

"Paint Spatters, Stripes & Swirls Oh My" Laundry Storage Solutions Part II

What's a makeover without some artwork to hang?  After seeing all the gorgeous water colour painted things out there in bloggy land, I decided I wanted to use that technique to create a sign for my newly organized laundry room.  Of course I had no watercolours on hand when I wanted to do this project, so I modified the drippy watercolour finish for something I could do with acrylic paints.

Laundry Storage Solutions - My Laundry Mudroom Makeover Part I

Open storage - love it or hate it?  I love the look of it but living with it is another matter.  I can handle a few open shelves but when it comes to my mudroom/laundry room, I want things behind closed doors!

When I moved into my house three years ago, all I had for a laundry room was connections for a washer and dryer in an enclosed, heated porch at the back of the house.  It was just a long, skinny L-shaped  room with nothing in it but a cheap particle board pantry cabinet in rough shape.   Here's a shot of it before I took it to the dump:

I wanted front load machines so I could eventually stack them.  I also wanted to use this space as a mudroom so I needed storage!  I bought a closet organizer on sale, it had a tall shelving unit with hanging bars to attach to the sides.   Another thing I desperately wanted was a laundry tub, so I bought a sink cabinet in preparation for it.  The original layout had the closet organizer tucked away around a corner.  This is how it looked back then:

Super cute!!  But now that I know better, the laundry tub has been relocated to where it will be easy to run plumbing lines (and cost me less money).  So now it looks like this:

The cute factor is sadly lacking.   The washer and dryer are stacked now, and that hides the hanging clothes from view.  I need these shelves for storing all the things I use in the laundry as well as things I use all the time.  Putting everything in cute baskets is a great idea except that I get fed up pulling baskets out and having to set them down on a counter so that I can pull out what I want, put the baskets back, use the thing, get the baskets back out to ... well, I was tired of wasting my time doing that.  I wanted a better solution.  Out of the blue, I remembered that I had saved the doors to the old pantry cabinet (there's that hoarder factor again). I dug them out of my shed and installed them on the lower shelves. They weren't quite wide enough, I had a 3/4  inch gap between the doors that I covered with a piece of trim.

Oh so much better!  I don't have to keep it all neat anymore PLUS I now have a place to store boots out of sight!

And here is the full view of my little laundry storage area.  I'm still working on the cute factor, but for now this works for me!

Thanks for popping in!

UPDATE:  I found my cute factor!  Pop over and see my new laundry sign & finished mudroom update HERE!

Grain Sack Theme Bedroom

I've had grain sacks on my mind lately. I've clipped and pinned so many images my head is spinning! I love, love, love grain sacks.

When I found my grain sack look tea towels and made a sham and curtains for my spare bedroom, I loved the look so much that I thought I'd keep the theme going with some special touches.  If you haven't seen my 5 minute no sew shams & curtains, click HERE.