How to Build a Potting Bench Part I

A few weeks ago, I dragged my little potting bench inside to use in my mudroom. Since I'm beginning to landscape my property now (finally!), I needed a new bench PRONTO. Soooooo time to build!  Here's what I came up with:

Baker's Rack Makeover - Industrial Look

I got a baker's rack through the online classifieds last year. I wanted it for a display piece in my dining room. I didn't like the colour of the rack so I did a shabby chic makeover but it never seemed to fit. With my love of industrial furniture, the black pieces in my dining room and the brown velvet curtains, industrial with its dark metal and warm wood tones is a perfect fit!

I sanded down the white paint on the metal but I couldn't get enough of it off, so I wiped raw umber paint over the top of the metal.  I didn't like the metal rung racks either.  It's hard to place things when they keep tipping over thanks to the thin rungs.  I cut down some 1/4" maple veneer to match the maple plywood top I had installed last summer and stained it brown.  The plywood top had been painted twice and I couldn't face using a stripper product, so I popped it off and flipped it over.  That got stained as well.

6 Budget Savvy Tips for Landscaping Your Home

I'm back to my first love these days - gardening! I love being in the garden, digging, planting, sowing and enjoying. This house will be the 6th that I've landscaped and because I always seem to buy houses that have no landscaping, I have learned how to do it on the cheap.

Industrial Look Side Table - Ikea Hack

I have a cute metal table I bought for a song a few years ago. I love it but the table top is too small to be really useful in my new home. For the last few months (ok longer) I've been trying to decide what to do with it and today I found my super simple solution.

Beachy Sign

I had so much fun creating with the alphabet letters I found at the Dollar Store that I went back for more!

Can You Help a Girl Out?

You may have seen my post about Hometalk a few weeks back. It’s the largest online home and garden hub. It’s fueled by the firsthand experience & advice of hundreds of thousands of home enthusiasts and professionals. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate. Just set up an account and clip ideas or ask questions or just socialize. It’s such a blast! There are professionals who participate as well - interior design, landscapers, contractors, garden gurus, and so many more.

Here are some of the projects I've posted:
I've gotten loads of hits on my blog from posting things on Hometalk.  I also got great feedback from everybody when I was searching for a colour to paint my front door and shutters.  There are so many talented people willing to help out, it's amazing.

Hometalk has Pinterest beaten because you can clip all you like (or pin) and ask questions and people actually answer you!! Want to know how to build something? Want to learn how to do simple repairs around the house? Or complicated repairs for that matter. Want help choosing colours or someone helping you to make design choices? Want some great ideas for landscaping and plant combinations? Need someone to identify that thing that is growing in your yard? Do you want to find a reputable pro in your area? Get your answers on Hometalk.

Here's a look at all the topics on Hometalk right now, and the list keeps growing!

I could win a trip to Virginia to visit Lucketts Market on May 18 & 19 – but there's a catch.  I need to recruit 10 new Hometalk members and the new members have to follow me before May 17.

Puh-lease!!!!!!! Pretty, pretty please??

You won’t be sorry you joined. And you’ll have my undying gratitude.

You can watch this VIDEO to learn more about them.

Pop over and check out Hometalk and then set up your account.  Here are the FAQs of Hometalk

and then please, follow me!  Click HERE for my Hometalk profile

You’ll love it, I promise!

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