Making a Small Kitchen Work Smart

My kitchen has an issue. It has no natural daylight - UGH! My main goals have been to find some way to allow more daylight into the room or to brighten it up somehow, some way and to create more storage. The storage initiative has been much more fruitful!  But let's back up a little.  The day I moved in, the kitchen had 5 cabinets, a 5 foot length of countertop broken up by the kitchen sink, four doorways and a single light fixture, a 60 watt ceiling fan!  No joke, the deconstruction phase began 2 days after I moved in.

I'm over at Debbiedoos today!

I was so excited when Debbie asked to feature my home tour at Debbiedoo's! My little 1930s home is a work in progress, I've been working away at it for 3 years now and things are beginning to shape up!

Come on over for the tour!

Shabby Chic Meets French Country

I finished decorating my bedroom! Wow, it's been a long time coming but I finally found the perfect bed linens to match the aqua/blue accents.

The room makeover began with all the walls being painted with Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan (LOVE that colour!!). Then I painted all the furniture because I was tired of the mismatched wood.

How I Made My Dark Living Room Bright

My living room has always felt wrong to me. When I moved in I wasn't able to place my furniture the way I wanted to because of a sagging floor.  It took two years to get to it, but the floor was repaired last summer and I never thought to move the furniture.   Sigh.  Too many things on the go all the time!

Well, I finally got the urge to move everything on Friday night.  OMG what a difference.  The room feels huge and happy and I love it.

How My Garden Grows

I've been working on my landscaping as much as I can with all the rain we've been having.  It's excellent for all the planting I'm doing, not so much fun for digging new beds!

Anyway, enough with the chatter!  Here are some photos of my new beds, progress on what was done last year and some of my favourite early summer flowers.  Enjoy!


My patio garden is starting to come together!  The thyme-and-stone patio is blooming and I managed to weed most of the gravel.  I plan to keep adding stones and thyme until the whole thing is a mass of sweet smelling thyme.

This bed was recently expanded.

I've started growing veggies and herbs in galvanized tubs - love this look!!

This area still needs TLC but it is beginning to come together.  
The fence needs replacing...  but not this year!

My tomatoes grew so well in the greenhouse last year that I needed to increase the height.  Unfortunately I broke one of the window panes while I was working on the new roof last fall and cut my leg to the tune of 13 stitches.  This was the best I could manage with my leg out of commission, but I plan to make it beautiful this summer!   If you want to see how to build this greenhouse click HERE

I'm so in love with pansies this year!!

Irises and poppies just love this sun baked stretch of garden.

My Sensation lilac is about to burst into bloom.

My latest garden bed is up against my deck.  I hope the vines grow quickly and give me some shade and privacy from my neighbours.  The plant hooks are my temporary garden hose guards.  I am forever knocking the flower heads off with that hose!

More lovely pansies!  This was taken with my brand new Nikon D5200!!  So excited to finally have a decent camera.

Purple and gold are such a gorgeous combo, don't you think?  

My only shade garden.  Some of the plants are not doing well due to the ginormous spruce tree that is shading this bed.  More plant moving is in my future...

Oh and my lilac bloomed as I was writing this post!

in case you missed it, I built a potting bench a couple of weeks ago.  You can check out the how to build it post HERE

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  I'm so happy to be playing in the dirt again.  I've been gardening ever since I was 7 years old and had a little flower bed all my own to play with.  Foxgloves were my favourite back then.  I still love playing in the garden just as much now.