How My Garden Grows

I've been working on my landscaping as much as I can with all the rain we've been having.  It's excellent for all the planting I'm doing, not so much fun for digging new beds!

Anyway, enough with the chatter!  Here are some photos of my new beds, progress on what was done last year and some of my favourite early summer flowers.  Enjoy!


My patio garden is starting to come together!  The thyme-and-stone patio is blooming and I managed to weed most of the gravel.  I plan to keep adding stones and thyme until the whole thing is a mass of sweet smelling thyme.

This bed was recently expanded.

I've started growing veggies and herbs in galvanized tubs - love this look!!

This area still needs TLC but it is beginning to come together.  
The fence needs replacing...  but not this year!

My tomatoes grew so well in the greenhouse last year that I needed to increase the height.  Unfortunately I broke one of the window panes while I was working on the new roof last fall and cut my leg to the tune of 13 stitches.  This was the best I could manage with my leg out of commission, but I plan to make it beautiful this summer!   If you want to see how to build this greenhouse click HERE

I'm so in love with pansies this year!!

Irises and poppies just love this sun baked stretch of garden.

My Sensation lilac is about to burst into bloom.

My latest garden bed is up against my deck.  I hope the vines grow quickly and give me some shade and privacy from my neighbours.  The plant hooks are my temporary garden hose guards.  I am forever knocking the flower heads off with that hose!

More lovely pansies!  This was taken with my brand new Nikon D5200!!  So excited to finally have a decent camera.

Purple and gold are such a gorgeous combo, don't you think?  

My only shade garden.  Some of the plants are not doing well due to the ginormous spruce tree that is shading this bed.  More plant moving is in my future...

Oh and my lilac bloomed as I was writing this post!

in case you missed it, I built a potting bench a couple of weeks ago.  You can check out the how to build it post HERE

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  I'm so happy to be playing in the dirt again.  I've been gardening ever since I was 7 years old and had a little flower bed all my own to play with.  Foxgloves were my favourite back then.  I still love playing in the garden just as much now.


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  1. Love your greenhouse it is so cute and funtional.

    1. Thanks so much Di! It sure makes up for our shorter growing season here. I love it!!

  2. Lookin' good. I love that little area with the thyme.

  3. Gardening is very new to me! I'm loving it! Since donning my floral work gloves and sprucing up the outdoor landscape a bit recently it's as though I have new eyes when observing other's work. Your gardens are lovely! Would you take a photo of the entire area to show? I really enjoy seeing how others "dig in the dirt" and how they design. It looks to me like your gardens are inside the perimeter of your yard. Correct? The pops of color here and there are wonderful! And your TOMATO GREENHOUSE (cuz I'm shouting now!!!) is WONDERFUL!!! (sorry for the stitches, yEEouch!) The lanterns and lights are so nice too and what a clever thing to use to keep your garden hose tame! But then again I know you to be pretty clever! Hee!

    So now I'm thinking.....herbs in galvanized tubs??? I just planted all of ours in the ground...hope they do well there. If not, is it true I can MOVE THEM???? Very new to gardening, as you can tell!

    LOVE ya!!!

    ps - did you say "working ON the new roof"? ANNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please be careful!

  4. Love your beds. I am also trying to work and make flower beds. I love that little green house. Great idea.

  5. I think I might have to steal that galvanized tub idea! Those look great :)

  6. Isn't this the best time of year in the Northwest? Everything blooming or about to bloom... Now I'm off to check out your greenhouse post that I somehow missed...


  7. Your garden is lovely, Anne! You have gorgeous poppies--I can barely get them to grow here, and not really sure why. I also really like the look of the galvanized containers!

  8. Wow it all looks so great. I love the stones/thyme idea. Just wonderful!!!

  9. Wow, Anne, your garden is looking great! The thyme is flowering nicely and that will be so very pretty all filled in with the thyme and the smell will be amazing! You have done such a great job!


  10. Found your blog a few days ago and have thoroughly enjoyed "looking around".

    Beautiful Gardens! LOVE the Potting Bench! LOVE the GreenHouse (but not the 13 stitches . . . yikes!). LOVE all of your decorating (the old door as a headboard).

    Look forward to "getting to know you better". Wondering if we might live close. (We are in WA, just minutes from the border.)


    mama of 12

  11. Hi Anne, I had to chuckle when I saw your garden turtle....I have one too, just smaller.... Love your perdy garden....My friend gave me her old potting shed. I would love to stain it this weekend and then decorate it like yours!

  12. Anne, Your garden is lovely! You have a beautiful variety of plants, I love the coral colour of your panies. Gorgeous!

  13. That tub says Drinks, so I say plant a bottle of wine and see what happens.

  14. Anne,
    Your flowers are so pretty in your garden. So many different colors too. I just bought a hummingbird stake for my garden. I can't believe you have been gardening since you were 7 years old, that's so special. Gardening is a favorite of mine too. It always brings peace, doesn't it?


  15. So lush. Beautiful. So different compared to here.

  16. Spring is definitely blooming in your lovely garden Anne. It all looks so pretty and I love the sweet faces of the pansies... don't they just make you smile.

  17. Your garden is coming alone nicely Anne. The potting bench is such a nice addition and I like the galvanized tub for veggies and herbs.

  18. Anne thanks for sharing your lovely gardens. Everything takes time. We have had so much rain here as well in Ontario. Makes it harder to garden. We need some heat and sunshine!

  19. Your garden is growing beautifully! Your potting bench is fabulous!!!! How great that you put it on a tile of bricks. So smart and very very pretty!

  20. How lovely! I love the idea of a thyme smelling back yard! That little green house is still just killer...and possibly literally, apparently. Ouch. Still love that potting table and have shown it to Sam..more than once. I hope he gets the hint!

  21. Your flowers and garden are beautiful!! You rock!!

    I love your work station as well, so cute!!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!!

  22. Congrats on your new camera. You flowers are lovely.

    1. Thank you! So glad you stopped by!

  23. Beautiful garden tour. Love the thyme and gravel together. We can only have pansies in the winter - they die in the heat here. Our weather has been so wonky this year, the plants are confused. I have fall stone crop blooming in June!

  24. The weather has been stinky here as well, so I have been ignoring my garden, but all of your beautiful pictures have inspired me to get moving ~ or at least organize my thoughts about my garden! I love your flower photos and I saw your post on the potting bench when you first's lovely. I am pea green! :)

    1. Thank you Kim! Hope the weather gets back on track soon...

  25. So exciting to finally see things coming to life again! What a fabulous little potting bench you created Anne!

  26. The pansies are beautiful and the greenhouse is such a great idea. Love it!

  27. Wow, Anne you have a lovely space and garden! Pansies are one of my favorites, too, but I'm really digging your poppies and your thyme carpet. How fun it would be to pop by and hang out in your garden :)

  28. Your flower beds are gorgeous Anne! I can tell you've been playing in the dirt. I have to say though, I cracked up at your very CLEAN potting bench...ha ha. I'm sure it isn't that way anymore though, right? A clean potting bench is an unused potting bench! Great idea to use the plant hooks for a hose guide. Your thyme and stone patio is really pretty, and is going to be fabulous when you get it all done. I like your little greenhouse, sorry to hear about your leg! And congrats on your new camera, yay! Hope you've been having a great week!


  29. You have a lovely garden. Your green house is so cute. I hope you get to finish it this summer. I think playing in the dirt renews one's soul.

  30. We have the same camera :-)

    Your gardens look great! Love the purple flowers the most, of course, but they're all beautiful :-) And the big turtle is so cute!

    I remember the episode with your leg - poor you :-( But at least it didn't stop you from being my DIY hero with all the projects you've done!

  31. I enjoyed your tour around your lovely garden. The creeping thyme and pansies are so colourful. I would love to have a potting bench like yours!
    Sarah x

  32. Anne..your yard and gardens are so beautiful...I remember how gorgeous the flowers were in Canada in the summer...I love the idea of veggies and herbs in the galvanized tubs!..the greenhouse is looking really great...and stay away from those glass panes!...

  33. That all looks so pretty-the whole garden is gorgeous!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Say G'day Saturday Linky Party. This week's party has just started so I hope you can stop by soon and say g'day!

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz


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