I'm a Finalist in the Habitat4Humanity Contest!

Last week I linked up to a party that Roeshel from DIY Showoff was hosting, it's called One Project Closer and it's a DIY contest to support Habitat4Humanity. I entered my bathroom reno project and Roeshel picked my project as the winner!!! EEEK!

If you haven't hooked up yet, hustle over there - it's such a great cause and so much fun to see all the projects that were done by homeowners without any assistance from contractors.  Sooo inspiring!! If you didn't catch my bathroom reno post, I completely gutted and renovated the 2nd bathroom in my house.

 I did all the work myself (except for the plumbing rough-in and electrical wires) and spent only $4300 for the entire remodel. I didn't take any before shots (unfortunately the tear-down stage began well before my blogging career), but I created a sample board to show the components of the before space:

See why I wanted to rip it out???  Ugh!  And it smelled so bad in there - when I ripped down the wood panelling that covered every wall, I discovered mold on the backs of the panels.

I took out the old, cellulose insulation that was in the walls.  It had become hardened over time with all the steam seeping into and through the walls.  Plus several cavities were missing insulation!  I replaced it all and brought it up to today's standard.  I installed a window in the room and covered all the walls with beaded board panelling.  I bought all new fixtures, had new plumbing lines run and replaced the electrical wiring, too.  Of course I HAD to have new plumbing lines run anyway because I moved EVERY . SINGLE . FIXTURE.  Then again, if I'm going to tear everything down to the studs, I'm going to go the extra mile and lay out the room the way it makes the most sense.

Here's what it looks like now:

If you want the whole story, click HERE.  I'm so happy with this bathroom now!! All fresh and clean and pretty, and natural light too!! I actually want to use it now!  Go figure :).

Don't forget to link your before and after project to the series.  Jacque and Matt from DIY Village are hosting this week's party HERE. Have a great weekend!

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With a small budget, big dreams and a love of a challenge, Anne blogs about renovating and decorating her tiny 1930s bungalow. A self-taught artist and professed power tool lover, she enjoys writing, gardening, photography, nature and diy'ing. And she's never met a dumpster she didn’t want to root through! Come along for the ride!!
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  1. I remember this when you originally posted it - a HUGE congratulations on your well deserved win - I'm just as inspired today as I was when I first saw it!!!

  2. Congratulations Anne and I love the bathroom redo!

    1. Thanks so much Di! Did you see the updated curb appeal post with the door closeup? :)

      Have a great weekend xox

  3. Your bathroom is awesome and congratulations! What a great cause too.

  4. Go Anne, go Anne, go Anne......

  5. Well done. I can't think of a none who deserves it more! Joan

  6. Anne, good for you and you know I think you did an amazing job. Congrats! and well deserved!!


  7. Wow, Anne!! That is soooo exciting!! Congratulations! It is a super well deserved win - your bathroom reno is incredible!!

  8. Well Anne ... I am so happy that you won. You certainly deserve it, not only for the bathroom but all that you have done by yourself in updating your vintage house.
    Keep up the good work.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  9. Congratulations Anne!!!! Your bathroom is beautiful!!!

  10. You go girl! (And by go I actually mean come, as in, come to my house and do mine next ;)


  11. Congrats Anne! It looks really beautiful now. I don't know what Habitat for Humanity is (is it Canadian?), I'll have to look it up.


  12. I am so not surprised at your win! You know you are my DIY hero girl and this was a fabulous project! Congrats to you and your awesome skills!

  13. Congratulations! That bathroom is so nice, I would spend hours in the bathtub with a good book!

  14. Congrats, Anne!! How exciting and deserving. I've already told you how much I loved your bathroom re-do, but heck, I'll tell you again. Love it!!

  15. Congratulations, Anne! Your bathroom reno is as sweet as can be and the fact that you did it yourself leaves me in total awe of you! Have a good week.

  16. Congratulations on being a finalist. Your bathroom redo is so fun, colorful, creative, original, and fabulous!


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