I'm over at What Meegan Makes

Come on over to What Meegan Makes with me! It's Field Trip Friday and she's visiting with me.

I'm a little late at telling you about it. What a week this has been!!!!!

Before you go, check out my garage sale finds from today. Total cost $10. I'm still in awe:

Don't forget to check out Field Day Friday at What Meegan Makes.  Click HERE to head on over.

Happy Saturday!

With a small budget, big dreams and a love of a challenge, Anne blogs about renovating and decorating her tiny 1930s bungalow. A self-taught artist and professed power tool lover, she enjoys writing, gardening, photography, nature and diy'ing. And she's never met a dumpster she didn’t want to root through! Come along for the ride!!
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  1. Lucky find with the tools ... I have a couple of antique folding wooden rulers like you have there. Have a great weekend! Wendy

  2. Oh, my! All that for ten dollars? Is that a pair of porcelain knobs I spy?

  3. Oh those rules look great, will head over to your post now!!

  4. I just read your post over at the other blog.

    We had some more similar issues. My kitchen window looks into the enclosed porch, the porch where we had to replace the wall, and on that porch is the laundry room. To let more light in the kitchen we put a door with a window in the kitchen. But it is an old home in the desert, so three sides have covered porches. :)

  5. Great finds! Are you going to make stars with the rulers?

  6. Great deals...I have my dad's "folding yardstick"....I treasure it.

  7. You did good Anne ... can never have too many tool and stuff. Enjoyed your guest post too. Never get tired of seeing your cute house.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  8. I see some fabulous creations coming on! Great finds. I'll head over to Meegan's now. laurie

    1. :) and I'm on vacation at the end of this week too. Woot! Thanks Laurie!!

  9. Oh wow, your home is amazing, Anne. It is so beautiful, you must be so proud of all your hard work. You just make me want to get on and do things, but I don't have your determination.
    I am so in awe....just beautiful...clever you!

  10. Great finds from the garage sale. That folding ruler sure has potential!

  11. You found some great stuff, I love the ruler!


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