Building a Laundry Mudroom for $3700 - Appliances Included

It's so eye-opening to add up the costs of what I've spent on my house. I honestly didn't think the changes I wanted to make to this house would cost as much as they have - particularly since I was going to do the work myself! This week I went back and added up everything I spent on my laundry and mudroom, the total tally was $3664.64 and includes everything I put in the space.   Seriously?!  W-O-W!   Oh and I already owned quite a few of the items I put in the space, but I've included everything in my tally.

Going back to moving day, all I had in the mudroom was hookups for the washer and dryer.  The previous owners had taken the appliances with them...

and to all a good night!

Merry Christmas!

Max the kitten continues to dominate my energy and I have to admit that I am enjoying the time off from the work on my house. December has been a busy month at the office for me and I have exhausted myself completely.   I have decided to take a good long break from blogging and, hopefully, be back fresh as a daisy later in the new year and ready to plunge into that ever-growing list of things to do.   I leave you with a few images of what Christmas looks like around the house this year.

House Tour 2013 - Updated!

Welcome to my little 1930s bungalow!   This post includes all the work I've done on the place up to the end of this year.  

Come on in, enjoy a cup of coffee and I'll show you around!

Here is my new front facade complete with diy shutters, fresh aqua paint and new landscaping.

My kitchen, where to begin??  When I moved in, it needed cabinets, counters and appliances.  I couldn't live with it the way it was, so the kitchen reno kicked off on the week after moving day.  I bought stock cabinets and counters to save money and did a galley plan.  I brought my sideboard into the kitchen for additional storage and counter space and painted it with a homemade paint that gives a chalk like finish.

I found My Dream House...

It has been my dream for a long time to live in Carmel, California. Today I found my dream house, conveniently located in Carmel,California. Take a look at this charming 1920s cottage.

I adore courtyards - welcome home!!

2013 in Review Part 3 - Room Makeovers

Time for another installment of 2013 in Review!

2013 was the year that I found "The Look" I wanted for my home.  I thought the rule was 1 year in your home!!  Oh well, 3 years is ok by me - I now know exactly what I do and don't like and this year I was able to put it together in a way that pleased me.

This was also the year that rooms came together.  I finished the 2nd bathroom (thank you God!), guest room, laundry room, master bedroom, living room and dining room.  Yay!!  I also made over the main bathroom for the 4th time. Yep, I change my decor like I change my clothes... well, almost!

Here are the before & after shots:

My bedroom was completely done over - walls, trim, bedding, furniture, doors, lighting - phew!  DONE!!!  
check out the entire process HERE

2013 in Review Part 2 - Furniture Makeovers & More

Furniture makeovers - one of my favourite things!  It's so much fun to see how different a piece of furniture can look with a change of paint or stain colour or by adding something to it.  Here are my 2013 makeovers - click on the captions for more details.

In the case of this first piece, I took a large butcher block cutting board and glued it to the top of a metal table that I picked up for a song at a yard sale.   Easy industrial look!

2013 in Review Part 1- the Bathroom, the Bench and the Bright Side

I can't believe how fast 2013 went by.  What a whirlwind of a year!!  I have lots to show for it though and I am thrilled with the progress made on my home.
Here are the "big" highlights of my year, my top 3 posts:
My 3 year bathroom reno came to a close in the spring.  I am so happy to have an extra working bathroom located in my mudroom/laundry room.  I'm even happier that it is all my own work!

My Favourite Christmas Things

I can't decorate much for Christmas this year. I have "this" to contend with:

Oh well, there's always next year!  My Christmas decor this year is pretty minor but I'm making the best of what I can put up.  I've taken a few of my very favourite ornaments and scattered them around.