Farmhouse China Cabinet Makeover

I found a hutch for sale on an online Buy & Sell page.  They were asking $100.00 and they lived close by - can't get any better than that!!  I got a friend to help and we packed home my new china cabinet. It was solid wood!!  Not a really great quality of workmanship, but solid.

After it was in the house for a few hours, I noticed a strong smell of cigarettes coming from the piece.  Odd because the house it came from didn't smell at all.  Oh well, that just made it easier for me to paint the wood without feeling any guilt.  I spent hours on Pinterest looking for ideas and found so many I couldn't choose. If you want to see the 800+ pins in my Furniture I Heart board, click HERE.  In the end, I decided to use what paint I had on hand already and I got started.  Here's the result: