Creating a Cozy Home Office / Study

One of these things is not like the others...  Welcome to the odd man out room in my house.  It's where all the furniture that doesn't work in the rest of my house comes to live.  It's where the style I used to have still remains.   And now what to call this room.  It's a  den/office/studio/workspace.  I searched online for the definition of the word "den" and this is what Wikipedia had to say: "A den is a comfortable, usually secluded room in a house. In the United States, the type of rooms described by the term den varies considerably by region. It is used to describe many different kinds of bonus rooms, including studies, family rooms, home offices, libraries, home cinemas, or even spare bedrooms."

I love the word library, but I don't really think of this space as a library - there are no books here.  It isn't really a studio, it's more of an all-purpose space.  Study! What a good name for the space, it's a little bit of everything. Here I am surrounded by my art and other things that I love.  Here I am tucked away from the rest of the house and happy in my solitude.  Here my creativity is unleashed... So, here is the evolution of my Study.

Simple Fix - White Painted Wood Floor

Well it's done. I hemmed and hawed and twisted myself in knots over it for nothing. I LOVE IT!

I finally got around to fixing up the floor in my new laundry room.  That's not quite accurate, I fixed up 20 square feet of the floor in my laundry room - with Behr's porch floor paint!

I used the same stuff Suzan at Simply Vintageous used for her closet floor (see HERE), except I couldn't buy a small can of the glossy version so I bought the low sheen one.  I do really like it in the low sheen, the imperfections are mostly hidden unless you hover over the floor and stare at it and who does that?! I mean who other than the person who did the painting because that person ALWAYS notices the little silly things... am I right?

I also couldn't decide whether to prime first or just paint, but I opted to sand the floor and then just paint it.  I like the well worn look of a country cottage, so if the paint chips or wears down here and there I know I'll love it even more.  I also decided to skip any decorative treatments - and I considered so many that I couldn't pick one I  loved best.  In the end, I am happy with the less is more look.  I think I have enough colours, patterns and textures that this space looks pretty without the extra design even though Suzan's floor blew me away when I saw it (and still does).  Here are all the photos:

Guest Room Cottage Style Makeover

A few weeks ago I stumbled on an unannounced clearance sale on Target's Rachel Ashwell shabby chic quilts. I bought a single sham and a twin sized quilt for a total price of $35. I had intended to use the quilt as a throw but when I got home, my plans changed...

My name is Anne and I have a linen addiction. Over the years I've accumulated many quilts in different styles, shapes and colours. I adore them!!! Only thing is, they are sitting in a linen closet instead of being on view. Thank you Target, for inspiring me to a guest room quilt explosion makeover!

Farmhouse Dining Room Transformation

I've bounced around all over the place with my design choices over the last 3 1/2 years, but I am coming home to my tried-and-true favourite which is country cottage. Although nowadays it seems to be called "Farmhouse" so I'm going with the flow!

I have made over my dining room a few times but when I found my new hutch, I found my style. I knew exactly the look I wanted and the hutch makeover turned out even better than I had imagined it.  Don't you love it when that happens?!

Here is the new hutch all painted up and beautified, I am in love with it!!:

Farmhouse Style Mudroom

You know how it is, you find a new piece of furniture and place it in a room and then everything moves! Such was the case with my new farmhouse hutch. It is now in my small dining room which means I need to get rid of/relocate the backer's rack that I was using as a hutch.

Once I have done the work of making over a piece, I have so much trouble selling it... so instead I tried to come up with a new spot for placing my baker's rack in a house that is already too full of furniture.  Sigh.  Then again, I had a stroke of brilliance when I moved it into my back entryway.