Creating My Artist's Studio - Mood Boards

Did you see my updated home office post a couple of weeks back?  Well I just realized that there is a contest where a local store will give up to $1000 toward creating your dream office space.  I am so IN!!!  

So far my office - or study as I am now calling it - looks like this:

Cottage Bathroom Home Run

If you've been a follower of my blog for any length of time, you know that the main bathroom in my home is my nemesis... Bathtub tiles that I despise, a floor that does NOT coordinate and a complete lack of storage. This weekend; however, I decided to deal with that floor. Floor paint experiment number two!

This was a very time consuming fix - sanding first, then priming with an oil-based primer (peee-yew!!!), 3 coats of white floor paint with 24 hours between coats and picking up innumerable pieces of cat hair, lint, dirt, whatever (cannot believe how much crap fell on the surface in between coats!!) and the previous owners who had used non-paintable silicone caulking EVERYWHERE.   Ok, mini-meltdown over.  I LOVE it!!!

I used Behr's Porch Floor Paint, a small foam roller and Purdy's tiniest sash brush and my secret weapon? a sticky lint brush to pick up all the crap as I went along...  Seriously, I could not have managed without that lint brush!