How to Build a Potting Bench Part II - Add a Roof

Last summer I built a potting bench.  I shared the step by step details HERE.  I wanted a roof over it and had planned to build something rather substantial but, as usual, I had tried to cram too many projects into my very short summertime window of opportunity for building...  This is what I came up with:

This is a pretty simple structure that doesn't require a lot of know-how to build.  All I did was add pressure-treated 2x4 sides and rafters (if you can call them that!) and then added extra bracing with scraps of 2x4s that I had laying around.

Side supports are screwed into the bench legs and back.

The "joists" are screwed to the side supports from the top of the joists.

Very simple to do.

Then I spaced out the scrap 2x4s as roof supports:

I used more scrap wood to add sheathing for the underside of my roofing.  I used this to add strength to the roof.  We get a lot of snow here and I needed this roof to be able to support the weight of the snow.  Any old wood will do as long as it's the same depth.

Tar paper is another option if you want to make sure there are no leaks, but I didn't have any on hand so I didn't bother.  I cut a piece of metal roofing that I bought from the building supply store for $5.  I used a grinder to do it.  Ok I made a friend cut it for me because the grinder freaked me out, but now I know the sparks won't hurt if I have long sleeves and gloves on so I'm ready to try my hand at cutting more metal :)
I attached the metal roofing with screws designed for metal roofs, added drip cap flashing around the edges and it's done!  
The flashing was super easy to install, I bought one long piece and bent it around the corners and screwed it in place from the roof side just in the corners.  Then I popped the metal on - I built the roof especially for the width of the metal I had - and screwed it in place (again just in the corners).

I have some more ideas to doll up this bench, but for now it's perfect!  To see Part I - How to Build a Potting Bench, click on the photo:


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  1. You never cease to amaze me with your talents.

  2. Honestly Anne - you should have your own T.V. show - this is amazing !!!

  3. i so want one maybe i will get it done this summer yours is fantastic xx

    1. Thank you! It really didn't take long to put the bench together - go for it!

  4. I'll tell you Anne everything you build just amazes me. Love the additions to this project


  5. This is awesome girl. You really need your own HGTV show. Seriously!!! Just beautiful. You ooze with talent my friend.

  6. I still haven't even started my own potting bench and here you are already adding to the one you made. I need to get more organized! Great job Anne and I am sure the roof is practical too.

  7. Wow! The roof is a great addition to your potting bench. It looks amazing!

  8. It's the perfect addition to a potting bench to keep "the weather" away from the work area. Love your idea and how it turned out!!

  9. Looks really good Anne ... looks much stronger than before.
    Good job ... love the roof ... thanks for sharing.
    I have an old door and I plan to build a potting bench this summer.
    I will be looking at your design too.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  10. Isn't that a song....Adda Roof To It by that lady?

  11. This is such a smart idea to add a roof to your cute potting shed--I love it!

  12. What a great idea--love it. And its pretty too. Definitely going to give my potting bench an "Anne Inspired Makeover"

  13. great job anne! love the update to your potting bench


  14. What a great idea to add a roof, hopefully it will protect the bench for many years to come!
    I guess we are lucky in our Australian climate, we can still work outside in Winter. We are in our first week of Winter here and we painted our window frames outside the house this weekend :)

  15. You BUILT that... wow. So impressive Anne! It's gorgeous!!

  16. WOW! that is amazing! My husband builds a lot of potting may enjoy seeing our creations:

  17. Would you mind telling me where I can purchase the lanterns on your potting bench? Love your blog and all your great projects.

    1. Hi Diane! Thank you for the compliment! I got those lanterns at a Canadian store called Real Canadian Superstore but I've seen them at Walmart too. Here's a link to something similar Hope you find some!!


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