Coastal Mason Jar Soap Pump

I found some blue Ball jars!!!!!!!!!!! Woot!! I decided to make a new soap pump for my kitchen. Here's my beauty of a soap pump - I'm thrilled with it!

Ikea Hack Custom Kitchen Cabinet

A blind corner in my kitchen is now filled with a functional custom kitchen cabinet thanks to Ikea products!

Here's what I picked up from Ikea:

and here's how I put it all together

Kitchen Overhaul Part III - Still Plugging Away...

My kitchen remodel project took on a new life when I installed the butcher block countertops. Love is too weak a word for how I feel about them!

When I left you in Part 2, I had just ripped a hole in the wall to create a passthrough that would allow more daylight into the room from the adjoining laundry.  It's been so nice to use the kitchen without turning the lights on all the time.  The project got bumped up a month when a friend offered to pick up the butcher block from Ikea for me (a 10 hour round trip).  I left the counters in the spare room for a few weeks to acclimate to the house and then got to work cutting them down to size for the new layout.  In the meantime, I continued to work on removing the old countertops.  Max decided to get into the act by chewing through the exposed dishwasher hoses.  GAAHHH!  Bloody cat!